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When trying to send videos on WhatsApp, the common problem encountered by people is that they are unable to send large videos. We will be showing you the solution to this problem in this article.


  • Part 1: WhatsApp Video Size Limit
  • Part 2: Best WhatsApp Video Converter Software
  • Part 3: Best Online WhatsApp Video Converter
  • Part 4: Alternative Solutions for Sending Large Videos on WhatsApp

Part 1: WhatsApp Video Size Limit

While it is possible to share videos on WhatsApp, there is a limit set by WhatsApp on the maximum video size you can send. Also, WhatsApp does not support all video formats. Below are the supported video formats and maximum video size you can send on WhatsApp.

1.1 WhatsApp Maximum Video Size

WhatsApp allow a maximum Video Size of 16mb. This also is the same for pictures and audios. It is expected that the duration of the video for this size should be between 90 seconds to 3 minutes. However, this will vary with the video quality or camera quality of your phone.

1.2 WhatsApp Supported Video Formats

It has been observed by users that they just can’t send some video formats on WhatsApp. So, the video formats you can send on WhatsApp include;

  • MP4 (recommended format)
  • MKV
  • 3GP, and
  • AVI

Part 2: Best WhatsApp Video Converter Software

Since there is a limit on the video size and formats that WhatsApp supports, the need arises to find the best ways to convert and/or compress your videos before sending them on WhatsApp. While there are lots of WhatsApp Video Converter available that you can use, only a few really good. Among these, Wondershare UniConverter stands out. It is a software that allows you to convert and/or compress videos without losing video quality. We will show you the 3 methods you can use UniConverter to reduce the size of your videos on Mac.

Method 1: Reduce Video Size When Converting

This method is suitable when you want to convert your file from one format to another and compress it at the same time. It can be done through the following steps;

Step 1: Load the Video you want to compress:

Run Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac and add the video you want to convert and compress.

Load the Video you want to compress

Step 2: Choose format and set the compression size:

After you have added the video, click on the drop-down menu at the Target tab to select the new format and resolution of the video from the Video tab. Click on the Compression icon to reduce the video size to a desired size.


Step 3: Preview and Convert all

After you have set the desired details for the new video click on “Preview” to have a 20sec view of how your video will look like after conversion. If you are satisfied with it, click on “Convert All” button to begin conversion.


Method 2: Shrink Video file in Batches

Use the steps below to shrink your video file.

Step 1: Add Video file to Mac compressor

Launch Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac and add the video by clicking on “Add Files” on the convert section.


Step 2: Customize Settings

After adding the video file, open the drop-down menu and set the video resolution and size you want to shrink your video to. You can also create your own custom settings of the video.


Step 3: Shrink Video

After you have set the resolution and size, choose the location on your Mac where you want your video to be saved in. You can then click on “Convert All” to begin Shrinking.


Method 3: Compress The Video

The steps taken to compress a video are as follows.

Step 1. Add the Video to be Compressed

Launch Wondershare UniConverter on your Mac and choose the “Compress Video” option from the start menu. Click on the “Browse video” tab to select the video you want to compress.


Step 2. Set Compression details

After adding the video, set the video size and resolution you want from the options or you can manually set it.


Step 3. Preview and Compress

When you have set the size and resolution, preview to see if you like your settings. If you like it, click on “Compress” to begin video compression.


Part 3: Best Online WhatsApp Video Converter

Sometimes, people prefer to just go online to use the free online video converters that are available. If you are one such a person, we have the best online video converter for you. Wondershare Online UniConverter is a free online video converter you can use to convert your videos to different formats. You can also compress the videos before downloading them into your device. We will be showing you just how you can do this with a few quick easy steps as follows.

Step 1: Open a Suitable browser on your system and visit the link


Step 2: When you are on the webpage, click on “Add” option to add the video you want to compress.

Step 3: The “Browse” dialogue box will be displayed on your screen where you will browse the specific video. Click on “Open” after finding the file to upload it.

Step 4: The next thing you need to do is to select the format and size of the video you want at the end of the Compression. Click on “Compress” to begin compression.


Step 5: After you have successfully compressed the video, download and save it on your device.

Part 4: Alternative Solutions for Sending Large Videos on WhatsApp

We have shown you how to use Wondershare UniConverter to compress and convert large videos so that you can send them on WhatsApp. However, there are some suitable alternatives to using Wondershare UniConverter. We will briefly discuss two alternatives in this article.

4.1 Google Drive

This is a file storage platform from Google that allows you to store and synchronize your files with other devices. It is a cloud-based storage similar to iCloud on Apple, Dropbox, and OneDrive on Microsoft. You get access to the services of Google Drive directly from their website, or when you download the app into your device. You can also use it to send videos that you have stored on it.


Below are the pros and cons of Google Drive.


  • Allows you to edit your files with ease.
  • It has a wide range of compatibility with other devices.
  • Allows easy sharing of stored files.
  • Versatility with different file types.
  • Your files are very secure when stored on Google Drive.


  • It’s services are only limited to Gmail.
  • Internet connection is needed in some cases.
  • Not suitable for governments and organization having sensitive data.

4.2 Dropbox

This is another cloud-based storage platform like Google Drive. It allows you to save your files on a database in the Cloud. It also allows easy sharing of files including videos.


Below are the pros and cons of Dropbox.


  • Automatic backup for all the files you save to Dropbox.
  • Dropbox has an advanced software integration.
  • Allows offline work which will be automatically uploaded when there is internet connection.


  • Suffers hacking attacks due to lack of high level security.
  • It is difficult sometimes to search out specific files saved on Dropbox.


After showing you how to use Wondershare UniConverter to reduce the size of your videos and even convert to different formats, we hope this article has been helpful. You can visit Wondershare UniConverter webpage for more advice on how to convert large videos for WhatsApp.

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