The best used BMW models for any motorist


BMW has long had a reputation as a manufacturer of luxury and reliable cars. These vehicles usually have a stylish interior, a carefully designed infotainment system, and the best safety features. If your budget is limited, you can opt out of buying a new BMW car and purchase a used model. In our article, we will offer you to consider several options that have earned positive ratings from motorists.

BMW i3 2015 is a hatchback with a unique design and an electric engine. Thanks to the luxurious interior and a wide list of useful functions, this model rightfully holds a leading position in its class.

The great news is that this car is able to drive many more miles without recharging than its main competitors. Good safety indicators are provided with the help of such functions as special parking sensors, a rear-view camera, and adaptive cruise control. Some drivers believe that all these additions are optional. We have to agree with this, but such functions help you feel far more confident in the parking lot near the office, busy city streets, or highways.

An additional advantage is a rear-wheel drive since the vehicle has good traction with the road surface even on a sharp turn. You will not experience any inconvenience while performing a variety of maneuvers.

Even the standard equipment is distinguished by elegance. On cold days, it is especially pleasant to sit on heated seats during a long road. In addition, even in the second row, there is enough legroom, so the trips will not be tedious.

Despite the impressive list of advantages, you should be confident in the safety of a used car before making a deal. Use the vin decoder to find out everything about the current technical condition of the vehicle.

BMW X5 2015 is the perfect balance between good price, universality, and capacity. The cabin can accommodate five adults, in addition, large cargo space is available.  If you are not interested in carrying luggage, you can install an additional row of seats to travel in a large company.

Good handling allows you to compare this model with the best sports cars. In the dark, the driver will be able to use the installed night vision system with pedestrian detection. This feature is very useful because according to statistics, the lack of daylight negatively affects the driver’s reaction speed. It is important to notice a pedestrian or cyclist in time to make sure to stop in advance.

For the safety of young children, special connectors for attaching child seats are installed. In addition, manufacturers have provided additional fasteners so that parents can securely fasten the belts.

One of the disadvantages is that some other models of this brand have greater reliability. Therefore, it is especially important to know if there have been any serious breakdowns in the past. Use the vin search to avoid unnecessary repair costs after purchase.

BMW X7 2019 is suitable for motorists who need a full-size SUV with three rows of seats. Thanks to significant improvements, manufacturers have created a powerful engine. Excellent fuel saving indicators will appeal to drivers who are not ready to spend too much on fuel every month.

Thanks to blind-spot monitoring, you can always be warned about the unexpected appearance of an obstacle. You may also need adaptive cornering lighting, automatic high beam headlights, and a frontal collision warning. All these safety features are provided by the manufacturer in a standard set, you do not have to pay extra for it.

The only thing you should remember is that this model is not very suitable for high-speed driving. It is better for you to choose it if you prefer a normal constant speed without unnecessary acceleration in front of a traffic light.

So, now you can choose a BMW that suits your lifestyle more. In any case, these cars have proven themselves well in the automotive market. You will definitely make the right choice if you buy one of these models.


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