The Biggest Instagram Analytics Mistakes That Companies Commonly Make


Instagram analytics has been a subject of great interest as an increasing number of businesses start leveraging the huge popularity of Instagram, which has crossed one billion monthly active users recently. According to, Instagram analytics help brand managers to interpret statistics and find patterns in them that can be put to use to improve the performance of the profile. While Instagram itself provides an in-app analytics functionality, there are also a very large number of third-party analytics tools that can be used to monitor the performance of an Instagram marketing campaign. However, many businesses end up making some very common mistakes that end up negatively impacting on the analytics insights and your ability to maximize the return on investment. Some of the common Instagram analytics mistakes discussed:

Not Thinking About Analytics or Overthinking It

Most businesses make the mistake of starting to use Instagram analytics without having established clear and measurable key performance indicators. If you are selling online, measuring your success in terms of the number of free Instagram likes and comments of your posts may be myopic. Instead, you should track which of the posts had generated the maximum traffic to your website leading the way for sales conversions. Generally, marketers make the mistake of with ignoring the analytics or overthinking about them – the best results are obtained by taking a balanced view and the will to buck the trends with a fresh approach to engagement.

Not Switching To Instagram Business Accounts

This is a very common mistake made by small online business owners trying to use Instagram for the first time. They simply do not know that just by switching their personal accounts to business accounts, they can have full access to the inbuilt Instagram insights. By doing so they can access a wealth of information regarding how their account is performing in respect to key metrics like thenumber of followers, the number of likes and comments, and the number of clicks on the URL in the bio section.

Not Using a Third Party Analytics App to Track the Competition

More than how well your business is performing in absolute terms, it is important to find out what your competition is up to so you can outperform them. There is a very large number of analytics apps that can be used to find out what the engagement rate of the competitors is, how many likes they are getting, which hashtags are working for them. You can use the competitor data to refine your own campaign to get additional organic followers and also to boost the rate of engagement to achieve the best ROI.

Not Retaining Focus on the Quality of Content

The sheer number of metrics to be considered in analyzing the performance of your Instagram campaign and the number of reports that need to be deciphered often confuse brand managers so much that very often the focus on posting high-quality content is lost. While Instagram metrics like hashtag usage, peak traffic times, or the number of clicks are important, it is even more critical to build an outstanding Instagram user experience with high-quality videos, infographics, and photos.


Using Instagram analytics is definitely important, however, one should not get caught up in the whirlpool of never-ending statistics but be able to retain the focus on key performance indicators that are important for the continued growth and success of your online business.

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