The Different Trading Platforms Offered By Angel Block


Encouraged by the technological and financial advancements in the last century, investment processes can capture an easy dimension. On the other hand, we can look into it as the availability of abundant choices and chaos of confusion among the traders. The fresher may count the stars in this advanced trading world. To sort out these issues an umpteen number of brokerage houses are present in the market. They help you with many tempting offers, discounts, schemes, etc. special care is a must before investing the money into any of the stock markets. Angel broking is such a leading financial service provider with a lot of customer services. In this post, we will see the versatile trading platforms by the company.

Trading Platforms

#1 Angel Broking App

This app is useful for iPhone users and Android users alike. One can download the app from the Google play store or app store. They have a rule-based investment engine that helps to ease out the online trading experience. The angel broking quenches out all your stock related queries through the mobile. They integrate UPI based payment methods. They are linked to more than 40 banks and financial services across the globe with the support of gateways and digital banking. This app’s backbone is the ARQ algorithm. The unique characteristics of the app are,

  • comprehensive indices
  • Stock ideas
  • Individual review
  • Portfolio fitnessverification
  • 21 charts
  • joint Fund
  • Live markets

#2 Angel Broking Trade

If you would like to work on your desktop or laptop, you can go for the web-based angel booking platform. Just by signing into their website, one can select their area of interest and can make changes to their already existing trade. They are keen on intimating the latest market trends to their customers so that they can stay a step ahead of others. The user-friendly design of the website helps you to meet all your investment needs. The promising features of this platform are,

  • Online trading
  • Easy Portfolio supervision
  • To the date market trends
  • Reminders
  • Whole family coverage
  • Easy analysis of stocks through the charts

#3 Angel SpeedPro

Inspecting the software part of Angel broking, you might come across the Angel speed Pro, with high efficiency. It helps the customers to practice a single-window trading experience. We can also do the overall monitoring of the trade. 

  • Instant reports and execution of the trade with actual rate updating
  • One can evaluate the overall gain or loss at a glance
  • Without restrictions, one can go for mutual funds
  • Latest notifications about market trends
  • Fast and efficient trading
  • Live market data can be copied to the excel sheet to evaluate the trends and make decisions


Amongst the famous financial services in the world, Angel Broking always is in the leading position. The prime services of this company include broking platforms, advisory services, margin funding, loan against shares and some finance product distribution. All the trading platforms above attract more clients to them and they excel in their services.

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