The Greatest NFL Teams to Have Ever Walked the Earth


The Super Bowl era has brought us several great players, great matches and a highlight reel of some of the best moments in American sports. But when it comes to greats, we must forget about teams that brought glory to the game. In this tribute, we talk about the greatest teams to ever grace the NFL. To add more excitement to your NFL games, visit this site.

Chicago Bears

The year was 1985 and the greatest ever team in the game was playing at their best. The team allowed just 198 points during the regular season and was led by the greatest ever defense in the game. The team, which was held in balance by Jim McMahon and Walter Payton and led the regular season 15-1. They won the Super Bowl XX by 46-10.

Miami Dolphins

Before the Chicago Bears were making were making history, there were the Miami Dolphins. The 1972 team of the Dolphins wasn’t the best defense or offense at the time. They were just a well-coached team of good players who gave their best when opportunity came. In fact, the team showed everyone that you don’t need the biggest stars to become a great team. All you need is perseverance, grit and the ability to give your 100% when the team needs it. The entire season of the Dolphins is an inspiration to everyone.

New England Patriots

The 2007 team of the New England Patriots was one of the greatest because they were just one catch away from completing the second perfect season in the history of NFL. The team broke so many NFL records that it was difficult to keep count. Randy Moss caught recorded 23 touchdowns while Tom Brady three for a record 50 passes for touchdowns. Their 16-0 regular season ensured that they became the undisputed best during the season. Eight players of the team were voted for the Pro Bowl and nine players were listed on the All-Pro team. It was truly one of the greatest teams in NFL.

San Francisco 49ers

Just four years after the Chicago Bears, the greatest team in NFL history graced us, the San Francisco 49ers were getting ready to become a part of history. In just three games, they dominated their opponents with a score of 126-26. The team ran over every opponent like it was a cakewalk for them. Some experts suggest that they may have never seen a team that performs as good as the 49ers during the playoffs. Their grit, confidence and their exceptional performance was simply the best parts of their success.

Pittsburg Steelers

The 1978 team of the Pittsburgh Steelers were a good team too but they really outshined everyone in 1979. Keeping their 1978 experience at the back of their mind, the unchanged squad made their way into the 1979 season and ensured that they arrived in style. The players were simply better versions of their 1978 selves and their defense was literally unbreakable. All the other teams in the league struggled to keep up with the defense. It looked like no offense strategy is ever going to work on this team.

These five teams were truly the best. Find their matches or highlights if you can and make sure that you relive their best moments. Good luck!

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