The Growing Importance of Enterprise Application Integration


A number of large enterprises with multiple departments, have different systems such as ERP, Supply Chain or Human Resource management systems that cannot usually be integrated with one another, this leads to a redundant application architecture that does not give the management a holistic view of how the different departments are contributing to the organization’s success.

Enterprise application integration, abbreviated EAI, is rapidly contributing to a paradigm shift in the enterprise software sector. EAI allows businesses to integrate different applications and hardware to produce a centralized application architecture.  The growing demand has prompted numerous open-source and corporate projects to develop support for this technology that essentially acts as a bridge in the exchange of information between business applications. Technically speaking, this is known as a “middleware framework”, these frameworks facilitate the integration and communication between different enterprise applications to achieve greater levels of automation and data analysis.

EAI provides a range of benefits from enhanced productivity, workflow optimization to long-term cost reduction. The points below highlight the benefits of getting your software solution company or in-house development team to utilize EAI concepts and centralize the enterprise application architecture.

A Holistic View of Operations:

EAI facilitates greater control, analysis, and assists overall management. Information is clear, integrated, and offers a holistic view of business processes. The senior management or decision-makers are able to make informed, data-driven decisions derived from human resource, finance, and other operational systems.

Simplified Business Processes:

Middleware frameworks are built to streamline interdepartmental system processes even if they are asynchronous by nature. This makes it easy to automate business processes that include multiple departments and systems.

Cost Reduction:

EAI eliminates the costs associated with upgrading existing systems in a particular department. If software for a department has to be upgraded, it does not have to be built from scratch, components of the old software could be utilized when the newer components are integrated through EAI. This results in significantly lower development costs.

EAI Facilitates Information Exchange:

The nature of EAI enabled systems with different segments of the organization integrated encourages information exchange between different departments. Employees could access data from other departments, share, collaborate and make better decisions. The redundancy of data is reduced as well, which can lead to lower maintenance costs and higher performance in the long-run.

Save Time:

With a centralized information architecture, employees across different departments could easily access information through the system without having to go through the hassle of emailing different people or obtaining permission. Access rights are issued at the system level and this enables quick, convenient access to information. This allows employees and the organization as a whole, to save time.

A Competitive Advantage:

Companies with EAI enabled systems have a greater problem-solving capacity due to better organization and access to information.

The biggest advantage of EAI is that it stretches the limits of technology and automation to the extent possible. This makes monitoring, control, and analysis centralized resulting in easier management. EAI allows automation irrespective of process complexity or if requirements change rapidly in line with market conditions. Technology is advancing at breakneck speeds, concepts like EAI can help your enterprise stay relevant in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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