The Importance of Demand Forecasting for Businesses


Businesses today have more tools than ever before to understand the inner workings of their supply chains. The ebb and flow of supply and demand are the foundation of a business that corporate leaders must intimately understand. A once judgment-based approach to understanding the economic forces at play have been replaced by the extremely accurate quantitative approach of business software. A great way to influence the future of your business is to understand demand forecasting.

Business Forecasting and Why It’s So Important

Forecasting is a business strategy used to help predict the future across a wide range of business channels. Companies use forecasting to help make decisions on budgeting, growth, and sales strategy. Today, most companies use large amounts of data, models, and software as the foundation of their forecasting approach. The most effective forecasting strategies combine the analytical insights provided by data with the “gut” human touch.

Demand Forecasting

Demand forecasting looks at the demand-side of a supply chain: what is driving customers to buy or not buy a product. Also commonly referred to as the “sales forecast” demand forecasting is primarily focused on how to influence demand and hit sales benchmarks. Many companies use demand forecasting to analyze the direction a business is going and assess plans for developing growth.

Most companies use forecasting software as an essential tool in their sales strategy. Software allows companies to analyze large data sets, evaluate business performance on a variety of metrics, and create reports. These elements allow companies to visualize trends through predictive KPI’s and uncover weaknesses and opportunities. Forecasting software has become a staple for most businesses in developing long term strategies in their sales and supply chains. Additionally, most software platforms allow easy integration with reports from other applications like Excel or SQL.

Key Features to Look for in Demand Forecasting Software

When looking for a demand forecasting software, it important to look for key features. Cross-functional data analysis is one of the most important features to look for in a demand forecasting software. For the most accurate and effective data analysis, businesses should be able to pull data from all of their systems and business channels.

Today’s businesses are successful due to a unique combination of human touch and data analysis. In order to have the best understanding of how to grow your company and mitigate its weak points, it is important to make demand forecasting a staple of your business.

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