The Lost Ways Book and Why Preppers Like It

The Lost Ways Book and Why Preppers Like It

From time immemorial, the human species has had chronological arrangements of survival tactics that have consequently brought about inventions and technological advancements.

Inarguably, unprecedented occurrences have been a way of life for the human race, and people are always getting ready for ‘near-apocalypse’ occurrences.

The Lost Ways Book and Why Preppers Like It

That said, people have been going through tons of web pages, scouring for the best authors and top-rated books, but all their efforts are most times unfruitful.

We all worry about what will happen in the future, and we always want to be prepared for it as best as we can – and this is where The Lost Ways book comes in.

Authored by Claude Davis, this comprehensive book has accompanying videos that bring out the best in you in handling some of the worstpossible situations and be independent of external occurrences and factors.

For this reason, The Lost Ways book is written for survivalists who want to protect themselves without entirely depending on modern technology.

About Claude Davis

The Lost Ways book was written by Claude Davis – an experienced survivalist with over two decades of experience. He has a vast skillset in survival and his expertise is incredibly diverse in this landscape.

His primary focus is on how modern humans have abandoned the survival techniques of their great grandfathers and resolved to use modern techniques instead.

Throughout the book, Davis has emphasized the need to trace and use those old survival techniques to survive smartly in unprecedented times.

Today, The Lost Ways book is unsurprisingly one of the most-embracing survival guides under challenging times and a self-sufficient book to help people employ unique techniques and survival tips.

Survival essentials under focus

· Armor

During the time of crisis, handling arms and bullets becomes an incredibly essential element for self-defense.

This book gives valuable insights on how to preserve bullets and what to do when bullets are over.

·  Shelter

In the event of a flood or a storm, shelter is one of the essential components for survival.

The Lost Ways book shows how to construct underground houses where a family can stay without any problems.

· Food and water

Food and water are necessities that can be rare during rough times.

This guide has disclosed some of the most delicious foods that fulfill the body’s nutritional value with affordable ingredients.

Additionally, the book highlights how to collect and preserve water without spending anything.

· Poultices

Poultices are critical for healing wounds and helping you recuperate from any disease.

The Lost Ways book explains how to use any available herbs and natural plants to prepare poultices.

Why preppers like The Lost Ways book

The Lost Ways book imparts valuable insights that help you keep your family safe as well as everyone else.

It does so by explaining ancient ways that were used by Native Americans to survive – which are useful in the present era.

All the knowledge and skills that would be revealed with fall into either of these categories:  being proactive, staying prepared or using self-preservation skills.


As a prepper, your primary aim should be equipped for a natural disaster and effectively go about looking for ways that work with maximum efficacy.

That said, you need to have all the knowledge and skills that work with maximum efficacy to help you handle any situation that comes your way.

With The Lost Ways book, you’ll gain the expertise you need to live like you’re in the dark ages effectively.

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