The Millennial Consumer Expects Gamification!


The continuously changing habits that consumers express, along with the fast digitization process of pretty much everything around us have led to the retail world going through some serious face lifting over the past years. Its evolution seems to be unstoppable in the near future, with the main focus falling on how to improve shoppers’ overall experience. Classic strategies seem to be losing their mojo in terms of reaching their targeted public. Hence, fresh and innovative solutions are constantly required to adjust to the changing needs of the consumer. A leading force behind many of the recent developments is the gaming industry. Their knowledge on interaction and engagement by gamers can be exported to other sectors. Probably one of the most interesting of them is gamification, which is a technique that uses game-related mechanics in order to increase the engagement by the user. During 2019 “Gamification Casinos” became a terminology within the online casino industry and the trend quickly spread. Today even Nike has a “Gamification strategy”. Why, well besides engagement, gamification techniques can also boost brand loyalty!

Here is some more information on gamification and the way it can create more meaningful experiences for consumers outside of the gaming world.

Millennials Are Looking For More Rewards

Gamification has a lot to do with engagement. The millennials often define themselves as “Gamers”. It’s therefore no surprise that 8 in 10 Millennials are looking for more incentives not only for their completed purchases but also for their direct interaction with a brand. They want to be rewarded for their loyalty shown to a brand and 4 in 10 people think games could and should become a part of loyalty programs.

Accordingly, retailers are expected to use gamification as a marketing strategy that can trigger higher engagement rates that will go beyond simple purchases. Consumers would be rewarded for their interactions with the brand and have more reasons to stay loyal. They would manage to build more meaningful relationships with consumers and stick to them in the long term. Just think about big actors in the retail business such as NBC or Nike and their gamification strategies that seem to work well for their mobile consumers.

NBC viewers are granted reward points whenever they watch shows and they can also enter some details on their favorite viewing preferences so they can receive relevant suggestions. Domino’s offers pizza lovers the chance to play games and win points they can use to redeem free pizza and the list goes on. One can borrow ideas from video games and offer tokens or exclusive deals to wake up the competitive spirit in the consumers and encourage them to come back often and try to unlock new achievements.

Keep Up With The Latest Trends

The need for fresh and tech-adapted customer solutions is only increasing. Everything is going digital, which means business managers have no real shot in front of their direct competitors unless they keep up with the trends and start making the necessary changes. They need to align their offerings with the desires, intentions, needs and wants of their consumers. They also need to learn how to provide their regular services or how to attract and retain more customers while lowering their costs.

In all honesty, today’s consumers love convenience and customization when buying something online. Land businesses need to figure out how to efficiently integrate those exact elements customers get while shopping on the web into physical stores.

The latest development is to implement more in-store interaction by the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions. This will considerably change the way customers interact with the vendor. This is only one example of new  technology from the gaming world that is expected to be available to the greater public in a few years and it will definitely be a game-changer in how we shop.

Loyalty and bonus based reward systems are today successfully used by the larger sector but is greatly inspired by the success of the online casino industry. As this industry developed about fifteen years ago, they were staffed by managers recruited from the land based resorts. Their main goal was to create an online environment that catered to the needs of every player as if they were all special VIPs. Without a doubt, this strategy is what has made online gambling so popular in such a short period of time.

The need to come up with the most accurate ways of driving positive customer engagement is as essential as providing a feeling of genuine value. It’s not only important to build brand awareness but also regain it if the customers show signs of losing confidence in the brand and the products it’s associated with. The gaming industry is a great source of inspiration on how to build consumer engagement, not at least for the millennials. Incentivizing the audience periodically and having them engage more by using elements from modern technology will make them more likely to stay loyal with the brand.

To summarize, keep up with the trends if you want to stay in business!

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