The Most Common Lies Told By SEO Experts

SEO Experts

We understand how hard it is to trust people and hand them responsibility when you don’t have much expertise in that particular area. SEO is just another example of that. Entrepreneurs realize the need and importance of digital marketing but may not thoroughly know the procedure and strategies. This leads them to hire an SEO expert to take on this responsibility. However, sometimes SEO experts tell lies – or better said, make false claims or provide misinformation, and eventually fail to deliver results. Our intention is not to humiliate them but simply to highlight a few things you need to keep a lookout for.

They Claim To Know The Algorithm 

Anyone outside of Google who claims to be a ‘master’ of search algorithms most likely isn’t! Search engines have hundreds of factors and criteria that affect search results. While experts can make educated guesses, there is no way to know them all. Popular search engines like Google are always updating and changing their algorithm, so there is never a way to know for sure. So if anyone claims they know, it is a big red flag you need to be wary of.

The Competition Doesn’t Matter, Your Business Does

The competition always matters. Any SEO expert that tells you that you need to focus on your own business is wrong! Every business has at least one competitor, no matter how unique a product or service they provide. Not keeping an eye on your competition and their strategies can result in a significant loss in market share and revenue. In fact, you can use information about your competitors to update your marketing strategies and business assets. There are many competitor analysis tools available that will let you track their progress. A proper SEO expert will tell you that you can use competitor analytics to fix your marketing strategy and avoid the mistakes that set them back. A sham will tell you otherwise.

They Claim To Help Any Industry Rank 

Having expertise in diverse industries is possible, but holding the same level of knowledge in ALL fields is impossible! One of the most critical factors of SEO is to understand the audience and their intentions. The consumer’s needs and demands vary from industry to industry. A dedicated SEO expert understands this and holds detailed insight into the industry he opts to work with. That is the only way they can help your business rank well on the search engine result pages. The reason for that is most SEO rankings depend on long-tail keywords. An expert needs to have some insight into what the consumer thinks, their knowledge, and vocabulary to generate such keywords and the content related to them. This is why the SEO expert you intend to hire needs to have experience and in-detail knowledge of your niche.

They Guarantee You The No. 1 Spot

Anyone making this claim is playing right into psychology and triggering your desire to achieve your goals. Of course, everyone wants to reach the top spot on SERPs. The top pages get more than 30% of the overall traffic of the keyword search. Similarly, being on the first page of google results also means that you will get a significant traffic share.

There are millions of businesses and their websites competing for the same spot and the same stage. People are making new websites every day and working hard to find a place in the digital landscape. Search engines are changing their algorithm and policies every other day. In simple terms, there are too many factors in play, and a good SEO expert understands this. At most, an expert will promise you a better ranking and an increase in traffic. So if someone promises you that they will get you to the first spot, they are either flat out lying or heavily overselling their capabilities. Or worse, they use black hat SEO techniques to get these results. Either way, ditch them as soon as possible.

SEO Is The Only Digital Marketing Strategy You Need

(Laughs in content marketing and social media)! No single marketing strategy is enough to secure good results on SERPs. Any honest marketing or SEO expert will not claim SEO to be sufficient alone. There are multiple strategies, such as social media marketing, influencer marketing, pay-per-click, content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. All of these increase your website’s online visibility and authority in their unique ways. Anyone who wants your business to achieve the best results will encourage you to employ more than one digital marketing strategy with an integrated approach. Anyone who wants to steal the spotlight and keep you in the dark is a scam!

They Claim Their Strategies And Techniques Are Hard To Explain 

It’s simple. Anyone claiming to be an expert can undoubtedly dumb down their techniques and explain them in simple words. And apart from that, SEO isn’t rocket science. If a person does not have reliable enough strategies that a layperson can understand, they probably cannot identify simple keywords to breakdown the SEO process. SEO stands on three elements, which are content, keywords, and links. They are not difficult to understand. Anyone who does not have the capabilities to explain their strategies to you probably doesn’t have enough soft skills to handle a team. You don’t want to risk that for your business.

Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt Your SEO

WRONG! Any duplicate content will hurt your SEO and your business. Google and other search engines have strict policies for duplicate content, leading to a reduction in your website’s rankings. Worse, you can be slapped with penalties for duplication. Cheap shot SEOs will use duplicate content to divert easy traffic to your website. But it will only drag you down in the long haul. This is why it’s crucial to hire an SEO expert who has some background work experience in content creation and enough personal integrity to call out plagiarism.


The person you hire for your website’s SEO will either lead you to success or drown the business deeper into the abyss. The challenging part is that you might not see the distressing effects right away because SEO is a long-term marketing process. And when you do finally see them, it may be too late. So before you hire someone, make sure you do your research about the prospects. This will help you in understanding their strategies and expertise. And if they make any of these false claims, run as far away as you can!

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