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Online slot games are more popular than ever, especially due to the coronavirus crisis.

With COVID-19 leading to bricks and mortar casinos across the US having been forced to shut their doors, many slot fans had to go to online sites to play games instead.

New online slot games are more exciting than ever, but how are they made? Let’s take a look at the mystery behind these amazing online slot games.

How long do online slots take to develop?

It can take around a year for a slot game to be released at an online casino from the first idea being developed by a studio such as Playtech.

Creating a new online slot is not a process that can easily be rushed, with a number of different steps that companies have to go through before the game is finished and can be played.

There are around a dozen members of staff involved in the development of a new online slot game at most studios these days. This includes the game designer, who is perhaps the most important person, as well as between one and three front-end developers.

There will also be a tester, who needs to make sure the game works exactly as it should, along with a project manager to keep the development on track. A configurator, a mathematician and server developer might also be needed to get a slot game ready to be released.

Nowadays, experienced slot game developers are able to build their new titles on an existing framework, which can help to speed the process up by weeks or even sometimes months.

The tech behind amazing online slot games

So plenty of staff are needed to build amazing online slot games – but what tech is involved?

Most people with an interest in online slot games will already be aware of RNG – the random number generator – which is a key part of how these works. RNG ensures that the result of each spin of the reels is completely fair, unbiased and random. It means each spin is totally independent and not linked to what has already happened on the game, or what comes next.

Developers will use a programming language to create the slot. Java, CSS, and HTML are among the most-used programming languages involved in making online slot games.

HTML 5 is very popular right now as it allows games to load very quickly. It is also likely the developers will include 128-bit SSL in order to ramp up the security to the highest levels.

Making online slots – easier than you think?

There is no doubt hard work and talent is needed to create a successful slot game. But you might be surprised at how easy it is to learn how to develop slots for online casinos.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work to become a company like NetEnt. The Swedish company is one of the best in the business, having developed in the region of 200 online games to date. NetEnt has links with the largest gaming operators in the world and its games are very popular.

NetEnt also employs around 1,00 people, so the studio is a machine when it comes to making slot games to be played at online casinos.

However, even NetEnt started small so anyone thinking of trying to make their own online slot should certainly not be giving up.

Future developments for online slots

Online casinos are always looking for the next big thing – particularly in relation to slots. While online slot games are already the most popular type of games on most sites, keeping the offering fresh and exciting is necessary to make sure players come back for more.

jackpot wars

Jackpot Wars is the newest in the line of AI based slots

Skill-based slots are among the latest developments in the industry. Video poker games are still popular, and these allow an element of strategy as players can make decisions between spins. Introducing skill into slots could make them more appealing for a lot more casino customers.

Virtual reality is another area of interest when it comes to the amazing online slots of the future. 3D slots are already popular and VR slots could be the next big thing for the industry.

Of course, while VR slots are in development right now, it is possible that a brand-new idea comes out of nowhere.

What is for certain is online casino fans will be looking forward to seeing what comes next in the exciting world of slot games.

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