The New Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: A tool that minimizes the risk of being infected by Covid-19


We are facing an event that happens suddenly, breaks through human life, breaks the balance beforehand and creates a situation of vigilance and disorientation, with its relative reaction to danger and anxiety. At the moment we are all in a risky situation to experience the consequences of a living traumatic event. We are facing “invisible enemies” that produce fear, uncertainty and have changed our comfortable and safe way of life.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, one of the maximum recommendations for avoiding infection is to do good hand hygiene. The recommendation from health authorities and experts in this matter is to wash hands frequently and properly to avoid transmission.

Because of the quarantine that we have to spend all day at home, this makes our consumption of screens, data and conversations related to what happens to us or what happens in other countries in the world cause our brains to constantly receive “alarm signals “which acts like waves on the beach. They come and attack us with different sensations, emotions and images. When we see a toilet without material, when we hear data about the number of deaths or even when we hear the word pandemic. These and many others are examples of “waves” that have attacked us in the last days. Maybe there isn’t much we can do but by diligently washing our hands with soap and water, we can minimize the risk of being infected by Covid-19.

Soap and water are all that is needed to wash your hands, but hand sanitizing gel is useful because it allows cleanliness anytime, anywhere because you don’t need water. For this reason, it is widely used in health centers and public places. Hydroalcoholic foot gel dispensers are containers for supplying this disinfectant solution, manually or automatically, for more convenient applications. In addition, there is no need to install it on the wall because it is stored on the surface.

On the Internet we can find several models, and which automatically offer great benefits, especially at work, because there is no need to touch anything to get the gel out. They work with sensors and just by putting your hand under the dispenser it starts functioning. In this article we propose a model that can offer transmission prevention that is more effective than gloves at your workplace.

The model that we propose is the New Hand Sanitizer Dispenser by Photo Booth International!

This is a kind of dispenser that issues a hand sanitizer (of course). This hand sanitizer stand dispenser can use any liquid or foam. You can use any of your favorite hand sanitizer brands. Floor stand or wall mounted, this tool can be placed in the room without disturbing the activities in it. The dispenser can also function as a kind of small TV because it can play music, videos and even ads. You can promote your products through this tool! In other words, you can perform two functions at the same time; making sure your client’s hands are free from Corona contamination and also doing ongoing promotions. To note, this hand sanitizer dispenser is equipped with a 15-inch HD monitor that makes it easily visible to everyone.

Just putting your hand underneath gives you the amount of hydro-alcohol gel needed to disinfect the hands of all customers without having to touch the equipment at all. And once you buy this product, it’s the same as getting lifelong technical support.

During this pandemic, the existence of hand sanitizer dispensers in places frequented by people such as offices, dealers, houses of worship and so on, are considered very important. Corona cannot be underestimated and although we cannot eliminate all risks, providing a capable hand sanitizer stations free standing is a very good preventative measure. Hopefully this article can be useful for you. Thank you for reading!

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