The New Healthy Trend: Superfood Smoothies

There are many people who in the morning between the rush and the short time do not take anything for breakfast. If that’s your case, the smoothie can be a perfect ally for you.

Starting the day with a smoothie is quick, simple and with just one shake you will get a lot of nutrients to face the day. Not only that, in pure green we understand that not everyone has a blender or that, although it is quick to prepare, then you have to clean it and it is the part where you have to invest more time, right?

That is why, apart from our healthy breakfasts, we prepare take-out smoothies. For those who do not know what a smoothie is, whether it is healthy or not, how to make it or if it really has all those benefits that are talked about, this post will help you solve the doubts.

What is a Superfood Smoothie?

 Smoothies became very fashionable in the United States, where they acquired their name. However, they come from a tradition in the tropical countries of Latin America, where it is very common to drink fresh whipped fruit.

On the other hand, it is true that smoothie is a drink very similar to a milkshake. It is made from fruits and/or vegetables, but with a fundamental characteristic that is the frozen ingredient. The frozen element is what sets it apart from the smoothie and this can be the fruit itself, ice cream, yogurt or ice. This makes it thick, refreshing and stays much better. For many people, it is a great comfort since you put the fruit in the freezer and they can always use it. The truth is that it is a perfect, fast and easy way to ensure the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables.

What are the benefits of smoothie?

A Wonderful Source Of Nutrients

The base of the smoothies are fruits and vegetables, therefore, it is a totally healthy option. Having that base, they are full of fiber and vitamins which help us improve digestion and we are receiving a large number of nutrients in a single glass.

They Are Excellent To Help Us In Hydration

Being formed by fruits and vegetables give us a lot of water, and this helps your body to be hydrated. In summer they are perfect as they help us recover the loss of electrolytes that occur due to sweating.

You Do Not Consume Added Sugars

On the other hand, if you do not add sugar to these preparations, you are only ingesting their own sugar from fruits and vegetables, this being the best you can consume.

Choose The Ingredients According To Your Needs

We can choose ingredients according to the needs of our bodies. For example, detoxifying ingredients such as kale and citrus. Energy ingredients such as the combination of banana, oatmeal, and strawberries, and endless options that we will show later.

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Improve And Increase Energy

Many are those who choose to consume an energy smoothie before doing physical exercise since it is a combination of fresh, pure, and clean products, which provide you with many nutrients and easy to absorb.

Improve Your Mental And Physical Quality

Many times we find it impossible to consume the optimal rations of fruits and vegetables daily. This can be a great option with which to achieve it and to nourish the body, increasing the defenses and this causes a better quality of life.

Reduce Anxiety

Studies indicate that people who suffer from anxiety often have low-quality diets. Therefore, these preparations are perfect for increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables, which achieve greater physical and mental well-being. In short, we must eat healthily and these smoothies can be a great help to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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