The Online Donation Platform Put Charity Activity into Another Level

Technology has brought big changes to the charity activities. Nowadays, a nonprofit organization can do their activity much easier as well as effectively. The best example is the fundraising activity.

The website will help the nonprofit organization to spread the information about their charity activity. Moreover, with the wider range that a website can reach, the organization also can collect more funds from more people.

One of the great inventions related to the website for a nonprofit organization is the Donation platform. This is a platform that’s specially designed for helping people who want to do charity and donate their money. This special platform can do many things for fundraising purpose.

Easy Payment

In the past, you must visit the organization office to donate your money. However, with the online platform for donation, you don’t need to do that.

The platform is equipped with the online payment method like what you usually use when you buy the product at the online store. So, you can use PayPal, credit card, or Bank Payment.

Or, if you usually buy from the online store through your mobile gadget, you must be familiar with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The donation platform also provides the donation via these two methods. With more option for donating the money, the platform will make people easily convinced to help others.

Easy to Increase the Donation Amount

The donation platform also has an important feature for fundraising activity. The platform can do many things with this feature, for example:

  • It can create a recurring donation. It means you don’t need to readjust the donation activity every day, every week, or every month. The platform will do it automatically, which save your time and ensure that there is always an opportunity for people who want to donate their money.
  • It can create interesting donation program for the company. By providing the donation form for the company, the amount of fund you can get will be much bigger. Moreover, the platform also can create a matching gift that all employees of a company can use to involve in the fundraising. It means more people will give you more donations.
  • It accepts many different currencies. It’s necessary because when a nonprofit organization uses the internet for fundraising, they will reach people from all over the world that use a different currency. This feature makes those people donate much easier without having trouble to convert their currency into your local currency.

Promoting the Fundraising Activity

Even though the donation platform has the ability to provide the easiest way to donate, without good promotion, the fundraising activity won’t succeed. Therefore, the donation platform also creates a feature that can help the organization to promote their fundraising activity. You can find it in many different forms, such as:

  • Popup form – there will be popup windows that people can use to donate, whenever they visit the nonprofit organization website.
  • Multi-languages – the nonprofit organization can adjust their fundraising activity into several languages to make it easy to understand.
  • Social sharing – share the information through social media will reach the much bigger community in the world.
  • The wall – it’s like a hall of fame that shows the people that donate their money. It can help the organization to convince other people to do the same.
  • Goal meter – this is a simple feature, but by providing the goal, people will be much eager to help the organization to reach the goal by getting more involved in the fundraising event.


Technology – that creates a good tool called donation platform – has successfully changed how people can help each other. In a simple way, it becomes simpler now.

In the past, you can use an excuse that it will be troublesome to give the donation to the organization office. However, now with the simpler way, people will have more courage to help others.

We also can find the donation platform easily. Some of them can be considered to be the best donation platform, such as Donorbox that has all the features we mentioned above. With this kind of platform, the nonprofit activity will be able to finish smoothly. And, it will also help the world to be a better place for everyone.

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