THE POMODORO TECHNIQUE – Increase Your Productivity At Work

Today, finding a perfect workspace can be difficult but do you know that it is possible for you to be smart at what you do and increase your productivity while putting in less effort? Time is a very important factor that you need to master so that you get to do the right things at the right time in order to always meet up with deadlines and be punctual with your tasks.

One of the ways that you could achieve this is for you to take your most difficult tasks and break them down into specific time-based activities and this is where the Pomodoro technique comes into play.

Pomodoro is a technique that teaches individuals on how best to use time rather than work against it. This technique can assist you in fighting distractions so that you can complete your tasks in short periods of time. Francesco Cirillo developed this technique in the 1980s and it is based on time management. He developed this technique as a simplified study habit to help him increase his productivity without getting tired quickly as a college student. What this technique does is to focus on performing activities in short bursts that are intense while taking brief breaks to recover energy and, then, begin again.

You will need a timer to carry out this technique since it will help you to divide huge complex tasks into time intervals that can be managed. As soon as you have broken down your work, you can then manage it based on the time that has been allocated.

How The Pomodoro Technique Works

On, you will find a vivid explanation of how to use the pomodoro technique. Here is a simplified explanation of how the Pomodoro technique works:

Select a task to be performed

You can choose a big or small task or a task that has caused you to procrastinate for a long time. The most important thing is that you give it your undivided attention.

The Pomodoro should be set for 25mins

Promise yourself that you will stick to the task for 25 minutes without any interruptions. Of course, you can get it done and all that is required is just a mere 25 minutes.

Begin your task until you hear the Pomodoro ring

Now, you can have a go at your task and stay at it for 25 minutes. In the process, if you remember some other activity that needs to be carried out, simply pen it down on a paper.

Once the Pomodoro rings, take your task sheet and put a check on the completed task

Awesome! You were able to spend an uninterrupted Pomodoro on your task.

Break time

Go for a short break and use this time to relax, meditate, get something like coffee, take a short walk, and get your brain to relax.

Take longer breaks after every four pomodoros

Each time you complete up to four pomodoros, ensure that you get longer breaks. Your breaks can last for up to 20 or 30 minutes and this will be the time that your brain will need in order to grasp new info while resting before you begin another phase of promoters.

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Pomodoro technique has great benefits which are mostly gotten from the breaks that you take as they help to freshen up your mind. Then again, using time blocks will help you to stick to limits that have been fixed which will encourage you to get your tasks completed faster. The technique will, also, teach you to carry out large tasks by spreading them over a couple of pomodoros. Keep in mind that a Pomodoro is a unit of work that must not be divided. Therefore, in the event that interruptions occur such as notifications or some kind of distractions, it will be difficult to totally master this technique.


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