The Rise of Cryptocurrency – The Future of Online Casino?


It is quite obvious that the casino industry is constantly trying to stay ahead of the curve. Since its start, the casino industry is always seeking to regenerate itself.  More recently, the expansion of the online casino has again seen the market reinvent itself. This is a bid to attract more players. This is something that has paid off, with the online casino becoming a formidable force. Even now, it seeks to evolve even more by embracing the new world of Cryptocurrency – click to visit.

The Rise of Cryptocurrency

Several online betting sites were quick to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as payment methods. Bitcoin was first used in Japan in 2008 and rapidly became the revolutionary asset in the industry. The technology used in cryptocurrencies protects payments made online. So, it was no surprise that many online casinos started to take notice.

Cryptocurrencies offer total anonymity and a decentralized approach to financing. This way, they offer a great level of security to users at both ends of the transaction. At the start, users experience a problem when it came to obtaining and storing the currencies. This has now become easier as a result of the improvements in e-wallet technology.

Benefits of Using Cryptocurrencies at Online Casinos

There are several benefits that cryptocurrencies offer its users, both players, and operators. We will discuss them below.


Cryptocurrencies offer users with total anonymity. The number of the purse is known and can be tracked. But, you don’t have to identify yourself when using Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency.

No Commissions

In most cases, there is little to no commission required when using Cryptocurrency. This contrary to other currency exchange systems that involve commissions. Transactions with cryptocurrencies are instant. This means that you don’t have to wait for funds to clear when depositing or withdrawing from an account.


Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies allow you to bet from anywhere in the world. This allows you the ultimate gaming freedom. Everything that is contained in the wallet is protected. So, the account cannot be frozen or blocked by any authority. Basically, cryptocurrencies are faster and more secure than other payment methods.

Benefits to the Operators

Make Payments Easier

Cryptocurrencies remove a lot of trouble that comes with accepting payments made using government-issued money. It allows for new casinos to be established that don’t need licensing. It also improves the relationship between the user and the operator. This means that the costs are lower for the operator.


Currently, only less than 20 percent of online casinos offer Cryptocurrency transactions. This means that it is still a minority market.  Accepting these currencies may not be ideal for all businesses. But, having a self-governing, decentralized system makes sense for online operators. It is more likely that you will also see many more joining the list. There are those that will specialize in cryptocurrencies. Others will offer both digital and traditional transaction options. But all the same, it remains clear that Cryptocurrency still is a big part of the future of online casinos.

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