The wonders of local phone number for your business and how to get it

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In this progressive world, where each business wants to operate on a global level, local presence still holds importance. That is why, out of all the Google searches, 46% are about local businesses. The point to ponder here is that this trend is not limited to internet searches only. A survey by Ask Your Target Market revealed that around 59% of the participants prefer buying from local businesses. The primary reason for such high affinity of consumers towards local businesses is the quality, trust, and ease of accessibility.

Using the date mentioned above, we can easily conclude that even in the era of globalization, local businesses still hold an upper hand. That is why many international businesses prefer local operations, local phone number, and local infrastructures to make the consumer believe that they are as trustworthy as their rival local businesses.

While establishing a local significance, one can’t overlook the importance of local business phone number. This is the only tool that will help your customers to believe that you are somewhere near them and can be accessed easily.  If you are a small business owner or freelancer, then this is the right choice to make.

What does local phone number stand for?

A local phone number is a phone number associated with a particular geographic location. Owing to their ability to cling with a location, they are often referred to as “geographical number.” These numbers will have a special area code attached to them.

For example, you are using a US virtual phone number for a specific area or city. Let’s say; New Jersey. Then, your local number would be in the format of:

Country code (+1), area code (New Jersey), phone number (XXX, XXX)

This area code differs as per the city you are operating in and helps you to get a local presence in that particular area.

Why do you need a local phone number?

It helps you build a local presence – If you are associated with industries like food & beverages, and healthcare services, then you must have a local presence. Consumers of all these services believe that local providers give them instant assistance and deliver quality services. If you have a local number then your international business can also achieve a local presence and fetch business.

It can help you approach the local market from your home location – Though local presence is important to expand your customer base, building local infrastructure demands high upfront investment. With the help of a virtual local business number, you can set up a local call center without being physically present at that location. For example, you are situated in any European country and want to target US audience of California state. You can buy a local US virtual number of Los Angeles  ( 1- 213 ) and start answering the queries of the customers from your location itself.  Likewise, it helps you save operational cost and efforts by all means.

It helps your callers to reduce the calling cost – If you are operating locally with an international number then your customers need to bear high call concurrent charges.  Consumers will not choose such business reaching to which cost them another penny. That will force them to keep their communication limited and restricted.  This situation will enhance not only your market presence but also the trust factor amongst the customers and can promote your downfall.  Owning a local number is the only escape that let your customers contact you affordably.

How to get a local number?

Well, by now, you are aware of the importance of a local number for a business. Now, the next step is how to get it. Can you pick any local number? Or there are specific criteria to ponder upon? Let’s find out the answers.

Buy a virtual local number – Buying a virtual business phone number is the ideal choice that any business can make. The reason being is that a virtual number help you operate free from geographical and technology boundaries. You can operate in the local market without having an actual physical presence.

Buy from a trusted resource which offers number portability – Though the market is flooded with various options; you need to pick only the trusted one. Make sure that your VoIP service provider is a market leader, and offers number portability. Number portability is an important factor to look upon while you are choosing a local number as it helps you switch the location and operator without changing the number.

Final words

Progressive businesses need to adopt the right framework to weave success and buy a local phone number that tops the list. Buy it from a market leader and gain local significance without investing huge capital in local infrastructure.


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