Things to consider when choosing an extension cord!!!


The extension cord allows a device to power when it is unable to reach an electrical outlet. With so many options available all around when it comes to buying cable accessories online, it becomes a little difficult to make the right option. First of all, you need to consider your needs, whether you should choose one size fits all option or wants to purchase a cord specific to every application. Check out these things that will help you in choosing the right extension cord no matter what is the scenario.

#1 Environment and usage

First of all, you have to consider the environment you are working in. The outer layer or the jacket of the cord protects the wires from moisture, cold and direct sunlight, etc. There is a sequence of letters where each letter has a different meaning. When you want to buy cable accessories online, make sure you see the letters and then make a purchase as per your needs and requirements.

T – This cord cover or jacket is made from vinyl thermoplastic.

S – It is a flexible cord that is rated for general use.

J – This cord includes a 300 V insulation. Remember that if there is no “J” present in the extension cord then it includes a 600 V insulation.

W – This letter symbolizes the outdoor use.

E – This cord is made up of thermoplastic elastomer rubber.

V – V stands for the vacuum wire. These cables are usually found on the retractable cord reels.

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P – P indicates the parallel wire construction that is used in the cords that are specifically used for high voltage units such as for air conditioners.

O – O stands for the oil-resistant cords.

CL2 – CL2 is referred to as class 2. It is a UL rating for wire which is used specifically for the wall construction.

FT2 – This group of letters denotes the word flame retardant.

HPN – HPN stands for the high-heat parallel neoprene wire. This type of cord is used for the high temperature of appliances that could affect the performance of the appliances.

SRDT – It is a heavy-duty wire that is specifically constructed for the usage of higher amperage equipment such as air conditioner, generator and so on.

Consider the environment where you need to use cabling accessories. Just read out these letters and confirm whenever you buy cabling accessories online.

#2 Consider the power ratings

Make sure that you choose an extension cord that can handle all the power requirements. You can connect the power rating. Below are a few points to consider.

  1. Consider the amperage of the tools before buying an extension. Make sure that the amperage of the extension cord is under such amperage.
  2. Remember the amps is watts per voltage.
  3. It is not that difficult to choose the cable that does not include the maximum amperage rating. But it is important to know the difference between the cord gauge and amperage rating. Know the value of both to buy the right extension cord.

#3 The type of plug

Usually, two or three-prong plugs are available in the market. Depending on the usage of the plug, you can choose the right special plug. But make sure that you consider the performance of the extension cord. The third prong in the extension cord provides a path to the ground wire which reduces the risk of the electrical shock or fire.

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Features you can come across while purchasing an extension cord!!!

  • Light indicator
  • Multiple sockets
  • Twist and lock
  • Energy efficiency
  • Connector box

Make sure you consider the energy efficiency, performance, and safety of the cabling accessories while buying.

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