Things to Decorate Your Dream Room


Having dream rooms is quite easy, but sometimes you are confused about where to start it and how to decorate your rooms easily and practical. Here you will know how to decorate your room and what to buy in decorative lights store is also in the list below.


A flower is one of the important things that need to be in your room, including the bathroom, why not? A flower is very beautiful with different shapes of petals and various colors, as well as a good smell that will make every room perfect.

In order to have extraordinary flowers, you need to know these tips about the flower. Do you know what artificial flower is? If you prefer a long-lasting flower, the artificial flower will be perfect for you.

Besides that, the artificial flower is also economic and no less beautiful than the real one. Artificial flowers can be made by many things, such as paper, silk, plastic, soap, clay, and so on. Silk flower is one of the artificial flowers that are worth having.

#1 Calla Lilies Silk Flower

Calla lily is one of the flowers that easily grow. The shape is classy and like a bell. You can find this silk flower with various colors, like red, pink, white, purple, green, baby blue, and yellow. The appearance is realistic, so you will have long-lasting Calla Lily.

#2 Cherry Flower Silk Flower

Cherry flower or cherry blossom flower is the most popular flower in Japan. This flower blooms in the early spring and has a short lifespan. Cherry flower has a unique, soft, and not sting scent.

You can find the artificial cherry flower with various colors, such as soft pink and white. You can also buy it with various sizes and pieces, like one until five pieces. If you want your room cozy, buy or make this one.

#3 Rosemary Silk Flower

Rosemary has a typical scent, which is evergreen’s aromatic. This flower includes the family of mint and can be used for the herb. The original flower has quite various colors, such as purple, blue, white, and pink. It only can grow in cool climates. Since you will have the imitation one, you can also see it with a beautiful red color, Tosca, or orange.

#4 Sunflower Artificial Flower

Who does not know the sunflower? You must be often to see this flower. The origin of sunflower is in the Southern US and Mexico. Sunflower grows with a tall stem or stalk. The seed in the flower head is really delicious to be consumed.

The bright yellow color is the main point of it. It is modified into various colors from the artificial flower. The color is unique, such as pink, purple, green, and blue. Is it wonderful to have an incredible colorful sunflower, right? Grab yours.


When you decorate your room with beautiful artificial flowers, now complete your room with decorative light in decorative lights store. There are so many various shapes of the lamp that will be perfect for your room.

#1 String Lamp

There are so many shapes of lamps that you can choose according to your preference and the suitability to your room. It can be for an indoor or outdoor room.

Do you know that there is a pine-shaped string lamp that will be suitable for your patio or bedroom? Or a lampion lamp that has various lengths also, from 2 m to 6.5 m. Want to decorate your lovely Christmas tree? There is Santa-shaped string light for you.

#2 Neon Lamp

The neon lamps usually made of glass with different amazing shapes. It is a discharge lamp with gas. It usually uses for advertisement or just decoration for your room. You can buy it, such as unicorn-shaped neon light, flamingo, wings, cloud, or words with a beautiful shining font.

#3 Night Light or Shadow Light

This is the greatest idea of a night lamp. The shape is a vertical rectangle and appears with many pictures, so when you turn on the lamp, the picture will also glow, too. It is very suitable for kids, toddlers, or babies. It is designed “eye-friendly”, so eyes will not be damaged.

Have you decided to grab them all? Whether you want artificial flowers, decorative lamps, or both is a good taste of yours.

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