Things you should know before buying metal marking

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Today it’s very easy to engrave metals with barcodes, logos, and serial numbers. Among many other machines that you can use to do this, a laser engraving machine is a top priority. These machines are very common on both CO2 and Fiber laser systems.

They have a couple of benefits to offer which includes their long operational life, relatively low cost and lack of regular maintenance. These are the factors that make it an ideal choice for industrial making applications. Metal marking is a very common practice in most industries which raises the demand for these metal marking machines.

When you are in the market looking for metal marking machine, you should already have all the information about what to look for and what features to check before you finalize the practice. This is the reason why we are here today to make it easy for you to purchase a nice metal marking machine that you will never regret.

Different types of lasers react differently with metals

If you have been in this industry for some time, am sure you are aware of the fact that different lasers react differently with metals. This means there are some considerations to make. You need to spare more time to mark metals with a CO2 laser. The main reason for this is the need for coating or pre-treating. To make it perfect, you also have to run the laser at a low speed to allow the marking agent to passably bond with the metal.

There are different types of marks

Depending on the material that is being marked, there is a wide range of options to go for. The most basic method of marking metals involves the laser beam vaporizing material from the surface of the object. Due to the shape of the metal, the mark may be cone-shaped indentation. The other type of mark is the one that is made by heating the surface of the metal that is being marked. The surface is heated in annealing, a permanent oxide layer. This is made by exposing the surface of the metal to high temperatures.

The cooling system of a laser tube

Here is another thing that you should consider before buying the machine. As a matter of fact, the steady operation of this machine depends entirely on the cooling system of the laser tube. It means that if there are any problems with the cooling system, the machine will fail. The machine should be equipped with a water cooling system or even the chill. This is to make sure that the water temperatures are at the given levels. Additionally, the chill must properly fit the laser machine. Furthermore, it should conform to power the installed laser tube.

Check the mirrors and Focus lenses of the optimal system

The cutting and the marking quality is dependent on the quality of the laser optical path mirror and the focal length. It also depends slightly on the type of coating laid on the elements. This should also be a consideration.


You don’t buy a machine today and end up losing the whole amount of money especially if the machine is damaged or malfunctioning. For this reason, you should as well consider the warranty of the metal marking machine. This is to cushion the risk of damage or malfunction within some few months of purchase.  The machine you go for should be warranted for at least 2 years.

Maintenance cost

The cost of maintaining the machine should also be a factor to consider. The machine should be easy and cheap to maintain and at the same time spare parts should be readily available for repairs. This calls for market research to detect if spare parts for the machine you are going for are easily accessible and cheap.

Operating cost

The cost of operating the machine should also be something to take note of. You shouldn’t incur additional costs in operating the machine. It should be easy to use and very functional.

Be ready for misleading

The buyer should as well be very careful with the information provided by the seller. Some of the sellers in the market today would try to overrate the machine or even oversell it. This calls for additional care to avoid being misled.

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