Three of the Best Game Show and Betting Video Games


There are some properties and ideas which don’t lend themselves well to translations into the world of digital gaming. Game shows and casino games are the exact opposite. Already built upon a foundation of guesswork and skill, these are games we’ve all craved in some way or another, and finding ways to play them at home has led down an interesting path.

With that in mind, we’ve spent some time investigating a collection of modern offerings, to find the three best game show games which go above and beyond in their attempts at digital expansion. These are far from the only ones out there but, for our money, they’re easily some of the best.

Deal or No Deal

As one of the most popular game shows in recent years, Deal or No Deal went on to generate a huge franchise over dozens of countries. While the show itself no longer runs on our shores, our taste for the game never diminished.

Of course, this game comes with the problem of simplified chance. The game was great with actual high stakes, but at-home play without the money on the line made it a bit too simple. This is why when you play Deal or No Deal at Paddy Power you get a twist on the original. Combining the added thrill and potential wins of roulette gives players the best of both worlds, which has so far massively appealed to fans of both.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Released on the PlayStation network back in 2013, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was the game show adaption we all wanted. More based on general knowledge and trivia than straight luck, Millionaire finally gave us a chance at home to prove how well we could do if only we were picked for the real game.

Including the ability to phone a friend and ask the audience, as well as an amazing multiplayer mode, this game is one of the reasons we still keep our PS3 hooked up and in the cabinet.

Wheel of Fortune

Speaking of multiplayer games, there are a few as famous as the world-renown Wheel of Fortune. While there are many games today built on this property, our pick would be the version released by Ubisoft in November 2017 for PS4 and Xbox One.

With over 4,000 unique puzzles on offer, this game will you have throwing your virtual money away endlessly as you pray for a bankrupt to take your friends out of the running. Don’t let the charming graphics and sound throw you, this is a game that can get surprisingly savage.

Why the Drought?

Unfortunately, we can often go years without proper entries into the game show to video game adaptions, which can’t help but make us wonder why. As far as our research could tell, the answer to this question comes down to the issue of licensing fees.

Traditional video games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune can often go underappreciated, which means updates and releases are not as common as they might otherwise be. Casino versions and interpretations like we saw with Deal or No Deal, on the other hand, tend to be more common as they are routinely extremely popular.

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At least we can be happy that these older games aren’t going anywhere, and that if patterns do eventually repeat, they only mean we’ll crush our adversaries all the harder.

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