TikTok and Fashion

Love it or hate, TikTok is an unstoppable force that has taken over the world of memes, dance, music and now fashion. There is no predicting what TikTok will dominate next. From being a simple lip-syncing dance tutorial, and filter-loaded video platform, to becoming the future of various art forms, TikTok has come a long way.

It seems like just yesterday that influencers and fashion bloggers ruled the fashion world, influencing their audiences with the hottest trends and keeping us updated on the most recent business developments. However, it now appears that the bloggers have very little chance.

TikTok has developed into a place where creators are launching their careers and gaining recognition thanks to the app. TikTok already has over 100 million users in the U.S. alone, even though there was a chance that the app might be prohibited in the country earlier this year.

TikTok and Fashion

How TikTok is changing the Fashion Industry

While some may dismiss the platform as amusing and suitable for memes, trendsetters like Bella Hadid have joined it and posted videos. Along with holding live-stream runway shows, high-end fashion labels like Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent attracted more than 800,000 people and were seen more than 3 million times. Additionally, through their videos, models, designers, and up-and-coming creatives have been discovered. Inviting its audience to interact with its content in ways other than likes and comments, TikTok has expanded the debate on sustainability, trends, and fashion history.

TikTok and Fashion

As TikTok is evolving, a new generation of influencers has emerged, and in contrast to many other social networks, designers are drawn to their authentic content. The number of high fashion brands’ sales has surprisingly increased due to TikTok’s ability to connect the fashion industry with today’s millennials and Gen Z consumers. This phenomenon has caused labels to realise that TikTok stars are the fastest way to reach their potential customers.

TikTok has revolutionised the fashion industry by transporting its stars to fashion week and dressing them in high-profile outfits, but also because models are now discovered using the app. Some of the most well-known modelling agencies have been spotted looking for fresh talent on TikTok. Even fashion brands are emerging thanks to the app, particularly those focusing on sustainability and sharing their upcycling techniques.

The fashion industry is keeping a close eye on and paying attention to what is popular on TikTok, despite noticing a growing desire for trends and unique styling. It’s impossible to predict exactly how far the app will advance the fashion business, but for the time being, it’s evident that the two are a powerful combination.

TikTok and Fashion

How are fashion brands leveraging TikTok?

In addition to a 195% increase in global searches for the keyword “TikTok fashion” since January 2020, Google Trends also showed that TikTok has started to push sales. It simply takes a few scrolls through TikTok and the internet to see headlines and comments that claim “TikTok made me buy it.” Because of this, fashion brands are flocking to the platform in 2022 to grab a portion of the hype.

TikTok is the best platform to engage with audiences and boost sales if you are a fashion retailer or an apparel store. We will talk about a few strategies to help you leverage TikTok.

Influencer marketing and paid ads

TikTok is a great platform to launch your fashion brand. Influencers on TikTok are very prominent, similar to Instagram. A well-known celebrity promoting your company conveys the right message to your target market. Create original advertisements and work with famous TikTok influencers and other content creators. You can also utilise sponsored advertisements on TikTok to improve your affiliate marketing. Use sponsored media and influencer collaborations to give your brand an advantage over rivals.

Influencers used strong calls-to-action with text in the video and leveraged inherent TikTok effects like the “green screen” to boost interaction. They achieved this by driving a significant 1,000+ organic installations and a 17.5% ad conversion rate. The best influencers’ posts can be chosen and used as sponsored advertisements. Compared to Instagram or YouTube, these advertising were more cost-effective and frequently increased sales.

TikTok and Fashion

Before and after videos and fashion tutorials

Demonstrations of before and after transformations are excellent on TikTok. With the help of influencers and user-generated content, fashion brands are ideally positioned to capitalise on this. Fashion brands already employ a typical example of this on TikTok: to cut a video in the midst to display a completely different appearance or sense of style. However, producing this content may require effort, and TikTok users want original, minimally-produced videos. Working with influencers or current clients may give your brand on TikTok a relatable or inspirational edge without compromising the authenticity that the platform demands.

TikTok and Fashion

Another fantastic approach for fashion brands to engage on TikTok is demonstrating how to create a specific look or outfit. You may inspire your followers to create their looks by breaking down step-by-step guidelines for achieving a particular look. Millennials adore fashion advice and love consuming such information, whether it is advice on how to wear a specific outfit or mix colours. It’s always appealing to demonstrate different style alternatives and how to change your appearance. Utilise it as a marketing strategy to raise awareness of your company among new audiences and earn affiliate commissions. A professionally produced video can go viral on TikTok, and this is an excellent, inexpensive method of gaining exposure.

TikTok and Fashion

Launch a Hashtag Challenge

With TikTok, hashtag challenges and trends are pretty prevalent. Brands have promoted or even initiated some of the most successful hashtag challenges. In August 2019, Ralph Lauren started a TikTok campaign when the U.S. Open took place. They showed tennis player Diana Silver having fun with the native-style effect found in TikTok’s native design. They encouraged other users to produce their comparable videos using the hashtag #WinningRL to be entered to win Ralph Lauren goods. This resulted in the first brand and other videos for the challenge receiving over 700 million views combined.

On TikTok, hashtags are pretty popular. All brands often use them to connect with their target consumers. Promoting your products with hashtags doesn’t cost anything at all. Create campaigns around well-known international events. For instance, you could try uploading casual party attire to correspond with a renowned fashion show. Give out prizes and freebies to attract customers to endorse your business. Keep an eye out for trendy hashtags used by competitors as well! The popular hashtags may be identified using TikTok Analytics. The use of hashtags is essential for boosting TikTok engagement rates.

TikTok and Fashion

Promote sustainability

The focus of the younger generation is sustainability. They feel a close connection to nature. Millennials and Gen Z  identify with a brand that emphasises sustainability. They appreciate businesses that encourage recycling and reuse to lessen their carbon footprint. According to studies, more than 70% of young people are likely to purchase from a sustainable business. TikTok is the ideal platform for establishing your brand’s environmental objectives. Make hashtags for sustainability. It’s a fantastic approach to staying in touch with your audience.

TikTok and Fashion


If it wasn’t apparent a year ago that TikTok & Gen Z were starting to rule the fashion industry, it is now. The first digital runways are being hosted on TikTok, models are being discovered there, and the app’s founders are already dictating fashion trends worldwide. It’s up to you to fully capitalise on the app’s current fashion hype, which is exploding.

If you are a fashion brand, you must instantly board the TikTok train. It is a cost-effective and engaging approach to showcasing your business. The fashion industry uses TikTok to reach Generation Z. Use all of its potentials to promote your brand and initiatives.


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