Tips to Download Movies With The Help OF BitTorrent/uTorrett

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You might have heard about the term “bitTorrent” or “UTorrent” but never go to realize the power it holds. Today is that time to understand why people are way more into these software programs. BitTorrent in a layman’s term is a software program. Its main function is to help you download the single file from many people together at one time. Whenever you are downloading any file using this program, you are further getting the chance to upload parts of that file you have already downloaded to other people’s accounts. The more popular your file is going to get, the more people will start sharing it. It will help in downloading the files faster. There are so many BitTorrent or UTorrent clients available nowadays.

Ways to work on it:

Now the question is how to download movies and other files using the software program. For that, you have to follow some basic points and get the ideas clear.

  1. Downloading and installing the BitTorrent client:

Here, in this regard, you have to first download the torrent client. BitTorrent is one of the oldest examples of the torrenting client, and it is always updated to new version. It can work on Mac OS X and in Windows too.  Another interesting and popular torrent client in the market is known as uTorrent.

Once you are through with the downloading procedure, next comes the installation process. Installing the torrent client on the computer is the next step to take. Only download the client whose service you want to use and not any other name. After downloading, open the current installation file and start following the mentioned instructions for installing it on your system. If you are a book reader and don’t want to pay money for books then check out the best torrent sites for eBooks at techdats.

  1. Find and download the selected moving from the client:

Here, you have to use search engines to find torrent file for a movie you are planning to download. To use the torrent client, you will need the .torrent file. You can search for specified file types in search engines. In terms of Google, you have to type filetype.torrent and then add the name of movie.

  • Next, you have to click on the search result links. These sites mostly have pop-ups and some other advertisements, which are not apt for children. Torrent sites are also shut down for copyright issues and not all links may work. The search link will take you to the area from where you can download the file. These websites often list numbers of seeders for each file.
  • Now, it is time for you to open the torrent client. Open the file you just downloaded. Depending on the client, you can click and drag the file into the client window for opening it. You can further use the file menu for opening the file. After that, double click on the torrent file to open the format easily.
  • It is the time to download the file. Most torrent files clients won’t allow downloading until started manually. Click the file to select it and then start the transfer button. It will generally look like a play arrow. When the file starts the download procedure, you can see the number of people downloading the same file and those who are uploading it. The more people upload and seed the file, the faster your process will get covered.
  • After you are through with the file downloading, you can continue with the file seeding by leaving the client open. Movie files can often come in various file formats. Depending on the file format, you might have to download the new video player.

The next step of addressing uTorrent use through VPN service:

You have the right to use uTorrent with the help of a diebestenvpn service and you can find the best vpn from There are three simple steps available here, which you need to follow wholeheartedly and as instructed.

Step 1:

You have to sign up with the VPN network. For that, you need to follow instructions for the device, on the plan you are working on to use uTorrent. Within a few minutes, you can start running the file.

Step 2:

For the next step, you have to connect to any one of the VPN server locations available in multiple countries. You can even get hold of the “smart location” option, which will help you choose the optimal network-based location to suit your need.

Step 3:

For the last step, you can download the uTorrent from official VPN site. Next, it is time to open the uTorrent application once you have turned on the VPN service. You are all set to start torrenting with peace of mind and without the fear of getting caught or banned.

The easy way to watch movies:

When you can easily use the software program to download and watch the movie, there is no need to actually head towards the cinema hall anymore and spend your valuable bucks on a film. You can do it right in the comfort of your house.

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