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News is one of the integral parts of our lives, we can not decide and speculate our futures without keeping an eye on the past events, the news is basically the guiding lights for us. In journalism when a journalist raises his pen for writing a piece of news, he comes across a lot of issues.

You may think that reporting news and publishing it will be the easiest task, as you must mention what you just saw or heard. In reality, things move quite differently. Being a journalist, you keep in mind the interest of the people, otherwise, you won’t be able to get a readership or cliental. Similarly, the authenticity of the news also plays a crucial role in strengthening your role as a journalist and want to publish your news in the best press release distribution service.

For the last two decades, we have seen a massive change in journalism, as technology and social media have taken this responsibility of clearing the ambiguity.

In this article, I will be discussing some tips and guidelines for writing a news story.

1. Pick Up the Interest

You must not write about something which is not in trend, I know a good journalist must be thinking that a significant news story is irrelevant to the trend.

But, when you are writing a news story, you must contain the newsreaders, so make sure that whatever you are thinking to write has got a direct effect on people and their lives.

For instance, writing about recent events can be a great idea, but even if you are going to write about the past stories, make sure that they have got some direct effect on the routine lives.

2. Decide the Answers For Your “Ws”

While writing a news story you must establish what will be the answers for the four Ws in your story. These four Ws are the backbone and infrastructure for your news story.

Follow the sequence, first tell what happened, then how did it happen, who did it and when. Without answering these questions, you cannot claim your story a complete idea.

3. Collecting Data

Developing a news story is like developing a research article. You will have to use various research tools; the most important ones are the questionnaire and the interviews.

You must attain full command on conducting a helpful interview, your arrangement and words of questions play a very crucial role in identifying the significance of your interview for your news report. Make sure that the questions and the plot of the story are relevant.

4. Add Information

Contact various institutes which have conducted researches on the topic you are writing a news story about, they will give you facts and figures about that event. This will increase the value of your news item.

5. Edit and Proofread

Make sure that the news story is clear without any sort of ambiguity. Read aloud your news story and try to consult some of the stakeholders before publishing the story.

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