Tips for Passing CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 Certification Exam


The Linux+ exam tests the ability of IT professionals to perform part of the tasks assigned to a junior level Linux administrator. The aim of this certification examination is to help you understand how to install Linux and manage its packages. You will be able to understand the GNU and UNIX commands, control File Hierarchy Standard, Linux File System, and much more. The Prepaway Linux+ LX0-103 Practice test is one of the most commended certification exams for new and experienced IT professionals in today’s world and it is recognized everywhere.

CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103: Tips for Passing

Passing this certification exam is not an easy task but it will allow you to get other advanced Linux certifications. Here are tips for passing the LX0-103 examination:

  • Study regularly

Studying just before the exam will not do you any good, it is important that you study on a regular basis in order to have higher chances of retaining the material you study and using it for the test. You should allocate up to 2 hours of study daily and if you are a working professional you need to find time from your work schedule as well.

  • Engage in self-study

If you believe and know yourself to be a self learner, you can engage in self-study. There are so many resources for this exam and you can crack it by yourself, it is not impossible. This will benefit you by saving you time and money. You need self discipline for this to work hence if you fit in this category you probably already know.

  • Have relevant study materials

You need to find study materials for the complete syllabus before you hope to sit for the certification exam. You need to have all the relevant content for the examination in order to avoid being blindsided in the test. You should begin with developing the full list of topics to be covered then you can find relevant study resources.

  • Review the exam practice test papers

Study can only get you so far but reviewing exam practice test papers get you there. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the structure of the exam questions so that you are comfortable when you sit for the exams. This will enable you to research and come up with possible answers as you prepare to sit for the exam.

  • Try practicing in workshops

When you practice what you have learnt, that is how you demonstrate your understanding of any concept. It is important that you not only focus on theory but also the practical part of the exam in order for you to have maximum chances for success. You should try implementing the Linux commands in a lab before sitting for the LX0-103 examination.

  • Use exam preparation guides

There is nothing better than exam preparation guides since their purpose is to help you prepare for the exam effectively. Using this guide will enable you to cover everything that is required for the exam as it is designed to point you to the direction that requires your maximum attention. This is a great way for you to pass the Linux+ test.

  • Study online

In today’s digital world, it is impossible to ignore technology since everyone uses it. There are so many resources in the Internet which include e-books, videos, tutorials, and so much more that are relevant for the certification exam. You should take advantage of these vast resources to prepare for your examination and succeed.

CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103: Training Courses

The LX0-103 examination is divided into 4 domains according to the exam objectives. Here are the training courses for this CompTIA exam:

  1. System Architecture
  • System booting
  • Hardware configuration
  • Rebooting the system and changing run levels and boot targets
  1. Linux Installation and Package management
  • Shared libraries
  • Hard disk layouts
  • Boot manager installation
  • Debian package management
  • RPM and YUM package management
  1. GNU and UNIX Commands
  • Basic file management
  • Working on the command line
  • Using filters to process text streams
  • Using VI to perform basic file editing
  • Modifying priorities for process execution
  • Using regular expressions to search text files
  1. Devices, Linux Filesystems, File Hierarchy Standard
  • Integrity of filesystems
  • Disk quota management
  • Locating and moving system files
  • Creating partitions and filesystems
  • Hard and symbolic links creation and change
  • File ownership and permissions management
  • Controlling mounting and unmounting of filesystems

CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103: Books

Books are the great resource for any exam as well as this one. Here are study resources you can use to prepare for the Linux+ certification examination:

This is a comprehensive guide for the exam that covers all the content relevant to the examination by focusing on questions related to the objective of the test. It enables you to understand the pattern of the exam and gives you additional support in terms of glossary, practice exams, and electronic flashcards.

This book gives you tips from experts which you can use to pass the exam including definition of important terms, time allocation for each topic, sample practice exercises and papers, and objectives of official exams. It also includes a CD which use on the Internet to practice and prepare for the test.

  • CompTIA Linux+/LPIC-1 Cert Guide

This book covers all topics relevant to the exam and it focuses on content which requires your utmost attention. It also includes quizzes, exam preparation tips after every topic, and foundational topics. This resource will enable you to have an in-depth understanding and memory of all the concepts.


Use the above named tips to pass your exam and ensure that you exhaust all the possible resources before sitting for the CompTIA certification examination. This exam is the beginning of your successful IT career in terms of Linux administration and you should do your best.

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