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Tips to Buy the Best Lighters as a Gift


People tend to have a need for lighters to use at their disposal. When buying a lighter you need to consider its quality and durability. You only need to buy electric lighters that are flameless, rechargeable and do not require to be refilled. They include plasma arc lighters that use plasma beam.

You can easily buy both plasma and electric lighters by considering the following:

  • Plasma lighters are usually windproof, they are flameless and they use plasma arc for lighting. This is a feature that you must always consider if you want to use your lighter at any time, for instance during a windy day. The arc lighter us handily in case you need to quickly start a campfire during events like trips if the weather is not friendly.
  • It should be easy to recharge- Plasma lighters are unique; they are not like other lighters that are rechargeables like methane and butane lighters. Recharging others requires you to find a special container having a specific fluid for it. Plasma lighters are usually battery powered and they feature USB charging ports and you can easily charge them using your computer. They further have battery indicators just like smartphones thus making it easy to know when the battery is low.
  • Health hazards. Always consider the effects of the gadgets you buy and use. Plasma lighters are much safer than butane lighters. Butane lighters are small containers that contain a flammable gas which can break let the gas spill, therefore, can lead to unfortunate accidents. Plasma lighters do not have flammable gases. They have safety features that hinder an electric arc in case the lid is closed.

How do Plasma Lighters Work?

The lighter is easy to use when you push the ignition, it triggers the flow of an electric current between the four strategically placed nodes. This then makes the air between the nodes to be ionized, produces purple X and 900 degrees of heat.

The electronic plasma lighters use electrodes which are either single or dual electrodes to produce plasma beams, pressing the power on button sparks produces the initial plasma beam. Plasma lighters allow you to lower voltage in order to maintain the beam.

Are Plasma Lighters Safe For You?

When purchasing lighters ensure that they are health-friendly and free from causing uncertain accidents. Plasma lighters are user health-friendly. They are plastic free implying that they cannot break easily, they are butane free which indicates they do not need to be refilled. Butane is a flammable gas in case the regular lighters break it may cause damage to the user.

Further plasma lighters are flameless thereby they are chemical-free and healthier to use as compared to the regular lighters. They are the best alternative of lighters to buy, they do not crack to spill any kind of toxic lighter fluid since it is flameless. The lighter is easy to use as it does not produce any accidental sparks when it is turned off or capped.

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