5 Tips From the Geeks off Dallas North Tollway Help Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Tips to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Novices and experienced bloggers both know how difficult it is to bring traffic to their page using search engines. Google has strict algorithms for sites to make it to the top of page rankings. However, using SEO tactics, hard work will pay off. The following are a few tricks available for bloggers.

Relevant Content

We are aware that longer blog posts are trending, so let’s look at why this holds true. Google looks at keyword usage, and it is hard to rank with posts that are less than 500 words. You want content that answers the needs of your viewers, especially with several sections to explain in depth. While you want to approach situations that can happen anytime (known as evergreen content), it is important to cover current hot topics as well. These posts will only be relevant for a short time, but they are the articles that bring traffic that comes back to learn more. In other words, use your blog to build trust with your viewers.

Use Keywords Effectively

Keywords are the focus of your blog post; what you want your reader to learn more about. They can be single words or phrases that people typically enter in search engines to find answers. Research topics that are trending in your niche before starting a content creation plan. Once you know the terms you need, ensure effective use by using best SEO practices. Hiring a Dallas SEO geek to offer suggestions is best, but the following are a few key areas to use them:

  • Headers
  • Alt text for images
  • Snippets
  • Naturally throughout text
  • Blog URL (known as a URL slug)

Use Images

Images are a tricky area, but necessary for high-ranking pages. Optimize any image you upload for fast load time and always include an alt text that displays during loading. Pictures speak a thousand words and help bring life to your text. There are free sources of stock images, as well as subscription sites. The most important aspect is to make sure you cite all images regardless of where you obtain them.

Create Categories

Categories are a way to help your viewers find relative topics and keep them on your website longer. When you create a blog post, have it linked to a couple of relevant groupings. You can also use this method to create internal links in a post. Google likes websites that have viewers remaining on the page, and clicking different areas of the site. You will want to take caution with overcategorization, as this can come across as spam.

Link to Reputable Sites

Finally, use an external link to a reputable site in each blog post. While you normally would not want a viewer to leave your site, you are showing Google that you have done the research. Other companies will also notice you have brought them traffic, which increases your network. Ideas for external links include the company’s websites with products or other blogs with more in-depth information.

Knowing SEO is essential, but traffic comes from a variety of sources. Always make sure your post can be shared easily across various social media platforms. Visitors will not flock to your page overnight. However, hard work and these tips will boost your page rankings.

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