Tips to Reduce the Maintenance Cost of Solar Panels


Selection criteria: When choosing equipment of this specification, you must pay attention to the following points:

  • The financial side of the issue. It all depends on how and under what conditions the panel will be used. If for home use (hang in the apartment on the window), then portable panels up to $ 50 for 12V are suitable. If the installation will be more serious and installed on the roof of the house, then the options range from $ 1000 and above. It all depends on the capacity and country of the battery manufacturer.
  • Panel options. Before you buy something, you need to understand the technical characteristics of the device. To do this, you can contact the specialists who will help you choose the panel of the desired type and power.
  • It will be difficult to choose because the market is now littered with various offers. On sale there are panels with a capacity of 3.5 watts for charging flashlights, and there are systems up to 100 watts for powering the refrigerator to the country. It all depends on your preference.
  • High-quality photocells come with a waterproof container, clips, adapters for phones and other accessories. Perhaps they will be needed in the future.

Maintenance of solar panels

The photovoltaic cells that form the solar panels are made of silicon, a mineral that is very resistant to aggressive weather agents such as hail. Therefore, it is not necessary to pay close attention to the maintenance of solar panels in residential solar self-consumption facilities.

  • In general, solar installations are cleaned with rain. However, it is convenient to clean them manually, at least once a year and review that the entire installation is fine. A frequency that will increase if the installation is in dirty places, in buildings surrounded by flora or there is any other circumstance that could interfere with the collection of solar energy for the home.
  • You should know that in order to absorb as much solar energy for the home as possible, it is essential that the solar panels are completely clean. And it is estimated that a dirty or scratched solar panel can generate up to 30% less solar energy than a clean and careful system. To clean the solar panels you can buy a specific cleaning kit for these systems or use a vehicle cleaning equipment on the surface and gently rub on the solar panels. They can also be seasoned with a soft bristle brush. Of course, you never have to clean it dry; it can have sands or other foreign bodies that cause damage to solar panels.

Advantages of solar panels

1) The load is distributed over the entire plane of the roof. An increase in the payload (number of solar panels) is possible.

2) The tracker monitors the position of the sun, and sets the Solar Tucson at an optimum angle for generation, as a result, the efficiency of the system increases by 20-30%.

3) Increases the consistency and security of the system. In strong winds, the solar panels reorient parallel to the roof plane, reducing the wind load on the roof of the building.

4) In winter, the time for cleaning the roof is much reduced, and the vertical position of the solar panels in the winter prevents snow from collecting on their surfaces. There is no need to clean solar panels as opposed to fixed systems.

5) Minimum maintenance costs. On the part of the user, only visual monitoring and snow removal in the winter near the tracker is required, without contact with the high-voltage system. The distance between the edges of the tracker is 6 m, enough to clear the snow.

6) With hail and freezing rain, reorientation of the tracker is possible, in which the solar panels will occupy a vertical position in order to avoid damage to the panels and icing.

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