Tips to remember for eSports betting


Betting on eSports has become a somewhat mainstream activity in a very short space of time. In some ways, there’s no surprise to this, as betting is an increasingly online activity and there is a comfortable synergy between online betting and a form of sport which is also digital in nature. Nonetheless, betting on eSports is also a relatively new activity, which means that there are undoubtedly more ways that it can surprise us than people realize. Something that has only been available for a few years will, by nature, have less of a history from which we can take information.

So if you are planning to take up eSports betting, you do need to be ready for it to offer you some unwelcome surprises. In order to make sure that you have the best outcomes when engaging in this pastime, it’s well worth having some ground rules and tips to fall back on. This is why, below, we’re going to go through some of the most useful information you can bear in mind when betting on eSports.

It’s worth specializing, at least initially

If you want to make money from eSports betting, then it is wise to make sure you understand eSports. The key thing to remember is that “eSports” is, like “Sport”, a blanket term that covers a lot of smaller concepts. DotA 2 is not the same as WoW, nor is it anything like Madden or CoD. If you’re a big cricket fan, that doesn’t qualify you to find value bets on tennis. So if you happen to be a keen follower of a particular game that is prominent in eSports, prioritize that in your betting. You can always pick up more useful information on other games as you become more used to eSports betting.

Use legit betting sites

There are a lot of betting sites out there, and many of them are closely associated with non-digital sport, to the point where they’re not considered to be “in the loop” on eSports. A lot of other sites promote themselves as a more esoteric alternative, but don’t really offer the safety of a legit, licensed betting site. Find a site which manages both – one with plenty of markets available for eSports but which understands the importance of building trust with customers. A licensed site will always be easier to communicate with if you need to.

Watch as much eSport as you can

It’s not hard to do your research for betting on traditional sports – they’re on TV pretty regularly and have whole sections of newspapers devoted to them. To get your expertise on point when it comes to eSports, you may have to do more groundwork yourself. That means subscribing to a few Twitch channels and finding sites that cover eSports with the same level of detail that the traditional media does for other sports. If you’ve watched top eSports teams playing out of competition, you’ll have a grounding in how they might perform when the big contests start – and you’ll be better positioned to make a smart bet.

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