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In a society where the newest gadgets are a sign of status and companies continuously release the next best thing, many Americans replace their mobile devices roughly every one to three years. If kept in good condition, some consumers can sell their old devices online to decrease the impact of the newer device on their budget. However, a lot of phones end up collecting dust in a drawer or get thrown away because they are broken or the owners do not want to deal with the hassle of selling them online. Luckily, ecoATM is here to make a change. This machine makes it easy to responsibly dispose of your phone while receiving a payment instantly based on the condition of a device.

Why ecoATM Is Important

While the device serves the interest of consumers with ease of disposal, the impact of the ecoATM on the environment is immense. In the United States, e-waste makes up roughly 70% of all toxic waste in landfills. As a result, reducing e-waste is a matter of safety for both the environment and Americans. The ecoATM company has the ultimate goal of dramatically reducing the amount of electronic waste that contributes to that incredibly important statistic. The majority of electronics that end up in landfills can be resold, repaired, reused, or at least have useable parts that remain. That means there is no real reason for most of them to end up in landfills. When you use the ecoATM to get rid of an old phone, you are helping to prevent toxic materials from entering soil, waterways, and the air we breathe.

How ecoATM Works

What is ecoATM? It is a kiosk-type machine that uses artificial intelligence to scan a mobile device, determine its condition, and pay for the device accordingly. Once a device is accepted, the company resells it based on its condition. Most of the devices sold with the kiosk are resold to refurbishers who improve the state of the device for the purpose of resale to another consumer. Phones that qualify for this type of resale also receive the highest amount of money from the kiosk. Phones that are in poor condition, like one that will turn on but has a broken screen, for example, are usually resold to certified e-waste recycling professionals who take the device apart and collect any useful components that remain intact.

How to Sell to ecoATM

The ecoATM company wanted to make the process as easy as possible, and the process can be reduced to a few simple steps.

  • Answer questions about your device
  • Insert your device
  • Confirm your device type and view potential prices
  • Connect your device to power for scanning
  • Provide identification
  • Choose possible donation
  • Collect payment

The kiosk provides clear instructions on the video screen along with visual demonstrations of what it would like you to do. This offers incredible ease of use, even for the least tech-savvy. If you are uncertain about selling your device with ecoATM, inserting your device is not a commitment to the process. You can retrieve your device at any time, and it will ask you if you want to continue after seeing the price it offers for your device specifically. The ecoATM kiosk also includes security measures to prevent the sale of stolen devices. When you present your identification with a driver’s license or identification card, you must also give your thumbprint. While false identification documents can be forged, it is much more difficult to provide a fake fingerprint. This makes the machine much safer than other resale alternatives.

Overall, ecoATM is an easy and impactful way to get rid of an old mobile device. With this method, you can trust that your device will stay out of a landfill and not contribute to toxic waste and pollution. You’ll also get a little bit of cash for your efforts without the hassle of selling online.

Image Courtesy – Recycling Today

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