Top 10 in Demand IT Certifications in USA


If you are an IT professional then you must be aware of all the hype that surrounds the IT certifications and their high demand mostly in USA. The USA without any doubt is a land of opportunities, and you can find plenty of jobs and resources to excel in your career there. But if you are a cyber professional an IT person then the chances of scalability in your career and profession are limitless. Following are the top 10 high in demand certifications in USA that you must consider;

#1 CompTIA Network+

With CompTIA Network+ certification, you can begin to unlock your full potential regarding the learning and understanding of various network based fundamentals. Customers only put their faith in the organization or IT Company that can promise the safety of their data, and companies only hire professionals that can ensure the validity of that promise. If you can provide such affirmation then any security company would hire you in an instant. 

#2 CompTIA Security+

It is singlehandedly the most important entry level cyber security certification there is that can not only earn you a perfect spot within the IT landscape but also be able to develop, implement, configure and troubleshoot the security systems for the safety of on-board data. Customer data, personal information of the customer, financial attributes as well as employee information of the enterprise are some of the most important attributes for an IT based company. You can get training for this Information Security Certification from QuickStart Technologies.

#3 Certified Ethical Hacker

Certified ethical hacker is the most tenacious job that you will ever get your hands-on, the main reason is that these professionals are actively enrolled with various government related projects, agencies and corporations to manage and protect their data-based interests. 

The job of an ethical hacker involves using the skills within the knowledge that has been acquired over the years to test the integrity of the systems. Furthermore other IT based elements, data & cloud centers are also tested along with the checking of various implications & a simple understanding of not leaving behind any traces of such errors that can cause further damage to the systems. Consider yourself hired if you have all the skills that are mentioned here. 


CISSP is for certified information systems security professional that deals with covering vulnerability mitigation, cryptography concepts, and instigation techniques to have a clear knowledge of the know-how of investigating a cyber breach. CISSP professional is involved in cybersecurity implementation, security, or IT management and acting as an incident responder among various actions or in events of cyber breaches. CISSP certification doesn’t only provide you with theoretical knowledge of the systems but also with the practical application of the knowledge you have earned during your course of acquiring the certification. This is without any doubt, the highest paying job title there is. 

#5 CompTIA fundamentals+

The CompTIA+ certification is designed to serve better the individuals who want to change their current itinerary among IT channels. The training for the certification encompasses various dedicated orchards of the information technology such as networking infrastructure, application and software management, the security of the on-board data, database fundamentals and software development.


CISM or certified information security manager is the second most prevailing certification after CISSP and is widely practiced among Europe and in industrial and educational sectors. The CISM professional is responsible for the implementation of the security systems and customizing the security systems according to the industrial preferences. 


Certified cloud security professional is the highest in demand in terms of cyber security systems as a lot depends on the security and integrity of the cloud technology.

As there is a rapid growth among the cloud computing systems around the globe, the need for suitable professionals is rising sky high. There are various domains that are attended within this edification, including Architectural concepts and cloud requirements, Cloud application security, and Cloud data security. 

#8 CompTIA advanced security practitioner

If you are anyhow interested in working as an analyst, but in the IT industry, then CASP is the best certification for you. It covers various areas of the IT world, such as; risk management, security implementation for the whole enterprise, and analysis of the risk pertaining to a breach. 

The term enterprise security is only limited to be practiced by the holders of this certification as it validates that this professional is skilled enough to manage high corporate industries or organizations. This is amongst a few in-demand Information security certification and you can get it from InfoSec Academy. 

Having this certification will help you to stand out from the competition and bring you close to achieving your lifelong dream of having a consistent job encompassing various IT sectors. 

#9 CompTIA server+

It can be said without any doubt that this certification will be among the to-do list of the professionals as long as the IT industry flourishes. It is a highly advanced certification with advanced credentials support, which means the bearer of this certification will be designated the professional in IT support and server installation. If you have this certification, then you can not only develop, implement, configure, deploy but also troubleshoot the various hardware and software-related components of a server-based system.

#10 DevOps certification

DevOps is a new method in the field of IT which is consistently flourishing and been entertained as a permanent process through which the process of implementation and deployment can be carried out. DevOps covers a dynamic aspect of things and works great with various sections of the IT. However, the professionals who are interested to earn extra then what they are usually making and receiving a chance to showcase their true talent should indulge with this certification.

Having the DevOps certification would help you to gain access to a number of opportunities to grow your career and work with various sections of the IT. Considerable online IT training by QuickStart or any other reputed IT institute is required by the professionals to excel with achieving the right skills with a particular certification or program.

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