Top 10 Ways You Can Update Your Kitchen


Kitchen is the most important place in your house. So, it is your responsibility to give it a new look. A clean kitchen assists you to maintain hygiene while cooking, which results in sound health.

Ways to Modernize your kitchen

If you want to renovate your whole kitchen, it can be more expensive and time-consuming. So, chalk out some tricks to decorate your kitchen in a shorter time within your budget. Here is a list of 10 quick ways that you can do to give your kitchen a great makeover:

1. Paint your kitchen:

Very few people have a chimney at their house, those who do not have to face the problem of discolouring in the walls of the kitchen. The discolouring or black spots caught from the daily cooking look disgusting. The damaged wall makes your kitchen dull and uninteresting. Thus re-paint it more often with brighter colours. Colour the walls, ceiling and even the kitchen door, to make it look new.

2. Change the curtain:

The next big thing is to change the curtains; the window coverings tend to catch the most dirt. A dirty window curtain looks awful. Moreover, germs can infest easily and spread their numbers in them. Even if you wash it, the stain of the oil-fumes does not fade away from the curtains. Hence, you must replace your curtains regularly to maintain the glamour and hygiene of your kitchen. For a more classy look, match up the colour of the curtains with the colour of the kitchen. When you change the window coverings, your kitchen gets a different look instantly.

3. Install more shelves:

Shelves help you to arrange your utensils and other kitchen stuff properly. An organized kitchen always looks better than an exhausted one. Thus, you may install extra shelves for creating a superior look.

4. Furnish it with home appliances:

Now, this is both beneficial for your kitchen’s style and your comfort. Modern kitchen appliances not only provide a modern look to your kitchen but also serve you with excellent service. For example, every kitchen should have appliances like:

  • Microwave: It not only makes your kitchen look grand by its appearance but also allows you to heat food faster. Moreover, it allows you to prepare cakes and pizzas easily at home.
  • Dishwasher: Having a dishwasher at your kitchen improves the aspect of your kitchen and enables you to relish the favours of the appliance. Take a look at the review on
  • Roti maker: This is the most useful device to bring at your kitchen. Besides providing a makeover to your kitchen, Rotimatic roti maker offers you make roti around more conveniently. You can enjoy the taste of home-cooked rotis without putting an extra effort in the kitchen. Buying a Rotimatic is a smart decision that you can take. You can also check the Rotimatic reviews online before buying.
  • Coffee maker: It is the best device to design your kitchen, a coffee maker at your kitchen highlights your sophistication in front of your guests. Additionally, you will get to savour the delicious flavour of coffee at any time of the day effortlessly.

5. Change The Counterparts:

The counterparts of your kitchen need replacement too. Replace your old counterparts with brand new to modernize your kitchen.

6. Update The Lighting

The light arrangements of your kitchen compliment its half of the look. Dim and pale light makes it look dull, and nobody will like to spend time there. Decorate your kitchen with bright and trending designed lights. But, make sure to use the energy-efficient ones to save further electricity bills.

7. Replace The Drawers And Doors Of Your Cabinetry

Instead of changing the whole cabinetry just replace its doors, drawers and handles to make it look new. It will save both your money and effort and at the same time will deliver your kitchen with a wonderful look. No matter if the old parts of the cabinetry do not match with the new ones. The mix and match style can look funky at your kitchen, but, carefully choose the colour to suit it.

8. Change Kitchen Taps:

Long term use of taps makes it look weary, which affect the overall look of your kitchen. Apart from that, old taps tend to work imperfectly with low water flow. While updating your kitchen, keep an eye on this matter. Remove all the old taps of your kitchen and replace them with modern and trendy taps. For, better knowledge, study several catalogues or search on the internet to know about the classy looking taps for decoration.

9. Replace The Floorings:

One best way to update your kitchen is changing the flooring. With times, the floors of your kitchen lose the previous shine. Hence, you can replace it with marbles or tiles; these two stones look grand at kitchens.

10. Hang Some Cool And Funky Wallpapers:

Lastly, if you hang a few beautiful wallpapers and posters, your kitchen will look two times finer.

A majestic and well-arranged kitchen gives you an extra enthusiasm to perform the daily cooking. You can try these ways mentioned above to gift your kitchen with a fantastic look.


So, through the above ways, you can update your kitchen in a way that will change your lifestyle and mood. You must have some latest kitchen appliances as discussed above like Juicer, Dishwasher, Rotimatic Roti maker, Coffe Maker and more. Doing so will make your kitchen look modern.

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