Top 3 Best Mac Cleaner Applications

Best Mac Cleaner Applications

There is no doubt that there are times when your MacBook becomes overly cluttered with files, documents, photos, caches and tons of other unnecessary data. When this happens this can often severely impact your Mac’s performance for the worst. In other words, you may start to notice that your Mac’s loading times are much slower than they used to be. Or perhaps it has began freezing more often than before. Either way, you will need to start freeing up some storage on your Mac and the best way to do it is by optimising your disk space usage. [laptop desk riser]

However, cleaning out your Mac of unnecessary data can often prove to be quite difficult. For instance, locating duplicate files on your hard drive can often be a very difficult thing. Most of the files tend to sometimes be renamed making them difficult to locate. Or are perhaps hidden deep within your Mac’s hard drive that you can’t easily get to them. This where using a Mac cleaning app comes in handy. It is a simple way to locate all this junk files and folders and quickly erase them. Plus you won’t have to worry about having missed something or having to delete things one at a time. Despite this there are some challenges, as fighting out what is the best Mac cleaner app to install can often be quite difficult. There are so many of them on the internet, after all. So, we decided to quickly list our top 3 Mac cleaning apps, that will surely help you get the job done quickly and effectively too!

But before we begin, it is always important that you back up your data. There is always the risk that you could end up deleting some very important data or even corrupting your system files during the clean up process. It is very rare, but it’s always better safe than sorry. We recommend backing up all your files and data on an external storage drive eg. SD Card or external hard disk. In this regard, most Mac users often prefer to transfer their data using a 100w usb-c cable or usb c cable 10 ft. If you don’t already own one, it’s best to purchase either one of these accessories from Lention. This is because their usb cables are highly durable and efficient. They can also provide you with an extensive array of features, eg; fast and secure data transfer, fast charging, extra length for convenience, universal compatibility, etc. This will further ensure that your Mac’s backup process proceeds smoothly and quickly, without risk of data corruption.

Best Mac Cleaner Applications

Moreover, if you will use an SD Card as an external storage space, then you may also need an SD Card Reader. We recommend purchasing one Lention’s card readers, as they also offer high speed USB 3.0 data transfers, dual card usage, universal compatibility, HDMI streaming, among many other extensive features. However, just because you have an external storage drive doesn’t mean your data will still be secure. It doesn’t change the fact that SD Cards while convenient, are sensitive to damage or breakage. As such, if you want to keep them safe, we suggest buying one of  Lention Enclosure’s. These accessories will do well to cover and protect your SD Card from any external damage. Plus, they provide, fast data transfers and universal compatibility for ease-of-use. Not to mention, they are very light and convenient for daily carrying.[ usb c hub with hdmi and displayport]

So, without further ado, let’s quickly dive in to our top picks!

1. CleanMyMac X

One of the main features that most Mac users need in an effective cleaning app is simplicity. After all, who wants to struggle when cleaning out their Mac? Most especially, when the whole point of the software was to make life simpler?! The benefit of CleanMyMac X is that it offers up an easy-to-use interface and a simple layout. But best of all, it has all the features and functionalities you need in one package. From a system cleaner, virus scanner, system diagnostics, and much more. This means you can now easily remove any large-sized applications, temporary caches and any leftover data from previously uninstalled software apps. You also be able to erase any old files that you may no longer need, eg. photos, music etc.

2. CCleaner

This is one of the most highly-regarded free cleaning applications on the market. It does well to remove any inconveniencing file clutter, delete any temporary files, among more features. You will also be able to improve and better secure your browsing experience by erasing any previous search history and browser cookies. This is very important in helping you keep your sensitive data and information private when online. Moreover, you can easily choose what files to delete and what to leave out.

3. MacBooster

This is an excellent Mac cleaning application for the more experienced users who are used to dealing with such programs. It offers the usual features that you would expect. It allows you to remove any duplicate files, clean your backup storage, and also clear out any large-sized files from your system. Using this program, you can also simply plug in a usb hub with long cable and easily transfer your files to another Mac or external storage device. This accessory also does well to bring together all of your main computer functions through one convenient hub. This means you are able to connect multiple devices, such as external keyboards, mouse, monitor, microphone, etc. And also charge external devices such as iPhones. In other words, it expands your workspace and by utilising Lention’s usb hubs, you are guaranteed high speed data transfers, universal connectivity, HDMI connectivity, among many other useful functionalities.[ best usb-c docking station]

Additionally, with MacBooster you can also scan for any malware, which means you can better secure your Mac from viruses. However, keep in mind that it isn’t the easiest application to use owing to its highly-extensive features. As such, it isn’t the best choice for beginners.

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