Top 5 Android Apps That Helps Boost Creativity In Writers

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There was a time when writing was all about pen and paper. Things have changed today so has the writing style. So either you are a professional writer or writing is your passion, you can carry it out as well as improve your skills with ease.

Today a good number of writers use a tablet or smartphone for writing needs and things can get ugly when they have to write long articles. Now as a writer you don’t have to suffer! Writing has now turned out to be more comfortable and pleasurable with the help of different applications. So if you have an android smartphone or tablet then you have a number of amazing writing applications to get your ideas to work quickly.

  1. Jotterpad


This is one of the best android apps you can have to improve your writing skills. This simply makes your writing life easier. You can use this app to write essays, novels, screenplay poems and draft. The interface is smooth and distraction-free which makes it the best app to build up concentration and put in your thoughts as words.

The app comes with a number of added features like Dropbox integration, CommonMark, phrase finder, RTL support, built-in dictionary, syntax highlighting, and a lot more.

  1. Writer Plus

writer plus

This is another important android app for writers. This helps them to write down their thoughts without any distractions. Just like the Jotterpad, you can use this app to write poems, novels, essays, lyrics and much more on the device.

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Writer Plus app has its set of amazing features. The app comes with features like share option, night mode, markdown support, keyboard support and much more.

  1. iA Writer

iA writer

If you are looking for ways to carry out distraction-free writing then iA Writer is simply just for you. The application comes with features that can help you improve your writing styles. Moreover, you can be sure that your documents are safe as it allows you to sync them with Google Drive and Dropbox with ease. This facility helps you to recover your content later from any device.

The application comes with a number of features like an integrated file browser, preview templates, night mode, multi-markdown compatibility and export option. The file can be exported to MS Word, HTML and PDF.

  1. Monospace


Monospace is another user-friendly app for all writers with an Android device. The app helps the writer to format the content as per the need into different formatting styles like Quote, Bold, Italic, Bullet and others. The best thing about the application is that it lets you view as well as edit the latest version of your writings from any device through its built-in sync feature. Monospace also supports a copy and paste feature for a number of platforms.

  1. Story plot generator

Story Plot Generator is a must-have tool especially for students and new writers. This prompts them with a number of options to spark their imagination. For a story to form a shape four important elements are necessary like the purpose, information, situation, and location. Story Plot generator combines these factors and helps you come up with a number of ideas. This way you will have the plot ready to develop your words.

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Therefore, if you are a writer and looking for ways to improve your writing skills then these apps are for sure going to help you. So what are you waiting for? Get the right application and get the best out of your android device.

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