Top 5 Casino History Facts You May Not Know


Have you ever wondered how the world of casino gambling began? How did we start to enjoy wagering our money for high stakes in a table game or have fun pulling slot machines hoping to hit the big jackpot? As it turns out, the casino as we know it did not originate from Las Vegas, Nevada but from the luxurious people of Europe.

Even the origin of bookmakers can be traced back to the origin of sports betting itself. However, as time went by and sports and betting have developed and innovated, so did bookies. Now, you can find the best bookmakers online. One of the best bookies that is worth checking is Bet365 and if you have the direct link to the app, you can download it and start betting on sports and other things, too.


How did casinos start back in the day? What games made it popular? Here are some of the most interesting facts about the history of casinos:

China did it first

It must be clarified that it was not the Chinese who first gambled. In fact, gambling can be traced even ay back to the times of ancient Egypt. What the Chinese did first, however, was to be the first people who made a living by gambling professionally.

It was during the time of the Tang Dynasty (617-908 A.D.) when multiple gambling organizations were first established in China. Places where people could gather and gamble were built, and it provided extreme security. The games played were very high-risk, and people were attracted by the idea of making a huge amount of money just by gambling. Then, around 1000 A.D., during the time of the Song Dynasty, more of these groups were formed as more gambling games were introduced to people. It was also around this time that the game of “Xuan He Pai” was invented, which is considered to be the earliest form of mahjong.

During these times, most gambling organizations in China are illegal and are controlled by underground criminal organizations. In Thailand there are great online casinos such as for you to play now.

Casinos as we know it originated from Italy

Thew first modern-day casino originated in Italy when the country opened up its first private gambling house where people can gather and gamble legally.

Venice’s Palazzo Dandolo hotel had been known for luxury and its grandeur, and in 1638, the “il Ridotto” was opened to the public as the first legal gambling place in the country. It was opened in one of the wings of the hotel.

The word “ridotto” literally means private room.” Before the opening of this legal gambling establishment, there were several illegal gambling places in Italy, and they were called “ridotto,” as they are kept hidden. People are always on the run, hiding from government officials.

Although the Ridotto in Palazzo Dandolo was open to the public it had rules that made the common citizen unable to come in and gamble: it has strict dress code that requires you to wear expensive clothing and hats, and most games are played only for the high rollers.

The first American casinos

Way before the 1800s, there had been various form of gaming and gambling in America, but it was not until the 1800s that casinos and other gambling places saw a big boom in the country. The first rise in the popularity of casinos and gambling houses first happened in New Orleans.

However, these casinos were later outlawed, so the operations of gambling houses moved to riverboats along the Mississippi River to avoid scrutiny from authorities.

The gambling capital moved to San Francisco in the 1850s during the time of the Gold Rush. On the other hand, the “Wild West” had not faced any restrictions anymore. In fact, every saloon back then became the center of gambling.

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