Top 5 Collaboration Tools For Small Businesses

Top 5 Collaboration Tools For Small Businesses

Whether it’s a startup or a multinational mainstay, collaboration is essential to ensure the team’s productivity. It allows you to connect with the remote working teams and helps businesses to operate better.

Thanks to the remote work tools and technology that made it possible to collaborate in real-time. You can find numerous collaboration tools online, making it challenging to choose the right one.

Moreover, if it is a small business, you want the best collaboration tools for the teams while paying as little as possible. So, below are the top five tools that will give you the most bangs for a few bucks-

#1 Slack

You must have heard of the video calls, IM, channels, integrations, and hundreds of third-party tools for team chat. Slack has it all! It is quite a popular and well-designed platform that offers useful features, like instant messaging, message search, and file transfers.

This collaboration tool allows for dozens of integrations with other tools, such as Trello, Intercom, etc. It offers service integrations for free, so small businesses or agencies can use it for seamless collaboration with the teams.

Its free plan includes unlimited one-to-one video calls, voice calls, users, messages, channels, 10K message history, 5GB space for file storage, and 10 integrations. All these features are extremely useful small teams.

#2 Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams was exclusively used by the businesses with Office 365 subscriptions. Later, they launched a free plan with innovative features for the small working teams. Some of its most creative features are the ability to record meetings and inline translation of the messages.

Moreover, it allows integrations with Office 365 and OneDrive. If you run a small business remotely, you can take advantage of this remote work tool that offers a free plan, such as-

  • Unlimited audio, video meetings with around 250 participants.
  • Up to 300 users can use it.
  • 10GB space for file storage.
  • More than 140 apps and integration services!

In order to access the advanced collaboration features, like automatic transcription, you need to subscribe to Office 365. However, for a small business, its free plans work fine.

#3 Xtensio

Xtensio is another useful collaboration tool for businesses of all sizes. This business communication platform allows the remote teams to create, present, manage and share beautiful living documents.

With Xtensio, there will be no more switching between the tools. You can create live web pages, exportable PDF/PNGs, digital presentations all-in-one. Besides, there are no security issues. You can add or remove the users anytime and add password protection to the shared links.

#4 Discord

Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform for the businesses! Along with the usual group and private DMs, this remote work tool offers a completely new way to collaborate with the teams in real-time.

It’s like an ‘always-on’ radio channel to interact with your fellow team members anytime. Preferred mostly by the gamers, these voice channels also provide an easier way to collaborate with the remote teams.

More so, Discord offers unlimited video conferences plus screen sharing for up to 10 participants, unlimited text, and voice chat-all for free! If you are getting error in the discord search you can read our guide how to fixed discord search not working error?

#5 Twist

This collaboration tool makes it easy for you to keep track of the discussions using threads. It has a message-board-like interface, which is easy to use. However, the threads work like email threads, thus require some getting used to.

One of the upsides of using this collaboration tool is it gives fewer notifications. Some of the Twist’s free offers that can prove to be useful for small business are access to 1 month of conversation, unlimited messages, users, threads, channels, and 5 service integrations.

These are some of the best remote work tools that are good to use for small businesses. Choose the one that matches your requirements best!

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