Top 5 local SEO Tips for Small Businesses  


Getting the number one spot on the search engines is not an easy task. Many local businesses spend years to have a spot on the first page of the search results. You do not need to be the same. There are a few simple ways in which you can get your local business back on track. These are a few local SEO tips that you can follow to ensure that you get a good spot for your business online. If you want even better results, then you can consult an SEO agencyMike’s SEO services for local businesses are the best choice that you have.

  1. Create Google My Business Listings and add some reviews

To get the business in front of the local searchers, you need to create a Google My Business listing. These listings are like mini directories. The search engine will display the listings when people search for your business.

These listings will also help your business to show up when people search for Google Maps. For example, if people are searching for “restaurants near me” on Maps, your business can come up on the maps if you have a Google My Business Listing. However, the trick here is to optimize the listings. You need to optimize your business for the keywords.

When you create the listing, you can send an email or a text message to your previous customers, asking them to write a review. Once they leave a review on your listing, it will be a plus point for your small business. Most people look for reviews when they search for local businesses online.

  1. Boost your local presence

You should get a lot of backlinks for your business. These Backlinks are the hyperlinks to your website from someone else’s website. These are an important part of SEO. Even for small businesses, it is an important factor. However, having backlinks is not enough.

You need to optimize these backlinks too. When you link to other sites, they will link back to you. Create a list of local businesses and think about what you can write for them, how you can give them backlinks so they will give backlinks to you. You can create a press release, a guest post, which will enable you to reach the other related websites containing a backlink.

  1. Specifically, target all your areas of service and be active on social media

When you optimize your business for SEO, you need to keep in mind all the areas of service. For example, if you are in Chicago, you know it is a big city. People who look for your business will not only look for HVAC in Chicago, but they might search for HVAC in Lakeview or HVAC in Des Plaines Chicago.

You need to keep this in mind when you perform the SEO and optimize the content. The reason is that the people who search for your business are your direct customers. They will look for small business in their proximity instead of the entire Chicago. So, when you do this, your business will also show up on search results for these the suburbs of Chicago.

  1. Create a local content hub

Let’s face it, even for small l business a blog is important. A website that does not have a blog is not well ranked as compared to those who have a blog. The blog posts will give you a higher engagement level. It will give you even better results when you optimize the blog posts for your business using related keywords.

If you are a baker in Las Vegas, you might want to create posts for your blog such as:

  • How to find a good bakery in Las Vegas
  • How to find Bakery for Vegans in Las Vegas
  • Fun things for cake lovers in Las Vegas

These posts will allow you to build authority. When you have people reading these posts Google will see that you are discussing a certain location frequently, it will reward you a higher rank as a result of that discussion.

  1. Be Active on Social Media

Your local business will never succeed if you are not active on social media. Make sure that you have a twitter and a Facebook profile. Create a business page on Facebook where people can contact you. Also, when you share a blog post of your business page on social media, you get better exposure for your business.

These are a few simple but vital tips that you should follow if you wish to succeed in running a small business. With these tips, you can get the results you want for your local business. You can get the search engine rankings and also attract more people towards your business who do not know about it.

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