Top 5 Tips for Protecting Your Car Exterior During the Winter Months

Top 5 tips for protecting your car exterior during the winter months 1

The road conditions are not in excellent condition during winter. For this reason, this article offers the top 5 tips for protecting your car exterior during the winter months.

If you then take a trip in winter, you know that it is not so easy to drive. For frosty weather, drivers will deal with harsh temperatures and unusual climatic conditions, which can damage your car exterior and cause serious accidents.

Top 5 tips for protecting your car exterior during the winter months 1

From tires to bodywork protection, here are our top 5 tips for protecting your car exterior during the winter months.

1. Always stay safe with winter tires.

During the winter, between November and April, the use of winter tires or all-seasontires for snow and having snow chains on board the car is mandatory.

Always stay safe with winter tires

The purpose of snow chains is to penetrate the layer of snow in-depth and prevent it from clumping along with the tire, as it hinders the traction of the vehicle. Using chains is authorized only on snowy roads of the year and on stretches of road with signs showing that snow chains are required.

The installation of suitable tires is the first step to drive safely in your car. The winter tires will give you excellent control of the vehicle despite the harsh asphalt temperatures or the roads’ muddy conditions.

Here are three reasons that winter tires are essential for the car during winter:

  • The winter tire differs from a summer tire by the density. Unlike a summer tire, the winter one does not harden and gives the vehicle a better grip on the road at shallow temperatures.
  • Thanks to the higher number of sipes, the traction of a winter tire will be better than the summer one if driving on icy, snowy, or wet roads.
  • Besides the higher number of sipes, they also equip the snow tire with more in-depth and broader grooves on the tread, allowing you to release mud and snow immediately.

2. Always check the liquids.

Another element that should not be underestimated for perfect car maintenance in winter is the control of liquids. The oil must be the first element to be checked as low temperatures can cancel the lubricating effect of the vehicle.

Always check the liquids

In freezing temperatures, it is advisable to use lower viscosity oil. Winter oils report the viscosity index at frigid temperatures with the number of 0, 5, 10, 15, etc. followed by the letter W (winter). A 5W oil withstands a cold winter condition. For excessively chilly temperatures, we recommend a 0W oil.

It is then necessary to use antifreeze to prevent the engine, windscreen, rear window, and wash coolants from freezing. You should use antifreeze additives for engine coolant and cleaning windows. If you have to drive in areas where the temperature is freezing, or if your car has a Diesel engine, use fuel additives.

3. Remember to cover the car.

As you know, the car in winter is subject to freezing temperatures, especially if you are not lucky enough to repair it in an indoor place such as a garage. It leads to the free exposure of terrible weather that can damage the bodywork and above all freeze the windshield and windows.

Remember to cover the car

To avoid being left with all the frozen glass, if you do not have the possibility of storing your car in a closed place, we advise you to cover the windshield and the hood of the vehicle with a simple fleece blanket or by purchasing an individual sheet. This way, you can keep your car warm.

Another magnificent idea to protect the bodywork from the cold is to

spread a layer of wax on the car before the frost weeks arrive, you will avoid unpleasant scratches at the end of the season.

4. Watch out for the wipers.

Check the condition of the car wipers at the beginning of winter. They are essential and will also have to work on the spray of mud and snow from the cars.

Watch out for the wipers

During winter, pay extra care to avoid damaging the wiper blades, which can stick to the glass because of the low temperature. It suffices to lift them after parking the car, mainly if they leave the vehicle outdoors at night.

Still speaking of glass, the cleaning system must work 100% from the spray holes to the antifreeze additive in the liquid tank. The wiper blades must be in pleasant condition. It reminds us that on the market you can also find special brushes for the winter.

The lighting system of our car deserves particular attention in the winter months. They must address the overcast skies and the possibility of fog with clean headlights and in perfect efficiency. It is good to check low beam, high beam, arrows, and fog lights and replace any burnt-out bulbs.

As already mentioned, well, the headlights must be clean. It is how we relate to the washing issue. In the winter months, many local governments use salt to fight snow and ice. This salt can damage and destroy the bodywork of the car.

5. Battery matters

During winter, the car battery suffers from chilly temperatures, and the risk of being stuck with the car is high. Check the status of your battery, especially before an outstanding trip.

Battery matters

A tip is not to leave the car stationary for too long, especially on older cars or those left outside during the night. Also, as we said above, remember to cover your car with a blanket. It will keep the temperature higher and protect your battery.

Final Words

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the car always needs attention and care in the winter. With our top 5 tips for protecting your car exterior during the winter months, you will not worry about car maintenance during the winter.

Besides, the garage ensures that proper maintenance extends your machine’s life and, above all, allows you to travel safely even in the most adverse conditions.

If you have questions, please comment below!

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