Top 5 tracker apps for iPhones


You might be spending a lot of time to check into how to track iPhones and you are also searching for apps. But, you might be facing quite a hard time here.

If you ever lost your iPhone or want to keep a good track over someone or for checking through the security of your family members is among several reasons why you might be searching for such apps. Today, we bring for you 5 tracker apps for iPhone that would help you immensely on getting hold of the right app.

1. GPS location tracker

GPS tracker for iPhone can be installed over the devices such as that of a mobile or a computer. For a specific period of time, they utilize the record of the locations in every quiet manner and every data is uploaded to the server. You can take the help of a browser to go through the data.

Main Features:

  • Monitoring the location
  • Multiple tracking of devices
  • Lowered consumption of battery
  • Speedy update that can be tracked through browsers
  • Always running in the background
  • Able to track the location of vehicles

2. Phone Trackers

When you wish to locate some other device user that can include your partner or a family member even, Phone Tracker for iPhone is the ideal one to use here.

Main Features:

  • Locating the user of the iPhone
  • Monitor their movements
  • Monitor movements for the past 24 hour
  • Based on permission
  • Simplified registration process
  • Low battery consumption
  • Enable tracking employee traveling route
  • Free track over 2 iPhones

3. iTrack

Here GPS is used readily to track on to the members of the family as well as friends. Keep a steady watch over their movement, speed they are in and the location they are headed to. You can as well capture the street view of the address.

Main Features:

  • proper location history
  • magnification features
  • monitor over the speed and destination
  • photo sharing
  • multiple map option
  • facility for Facebook integration
  • follow up to 3 persons
  • locate the street and the traveling site
  • location notifications

4. GPS Tracker

When you want to follow someone and locate them in the real-time GPS tracker makes the best use of the GPS of iPhones. For iPhone and internet mapping, this tracker is the combination of the function of GPS.

Main Features:

  • Locating the movements
  • Based on permissions
  • Locating and monitoring your known person
  • Option for low battery use
  • Able to locate the lost or stolen devices

5. CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker

You will be able to share every location in the most simplified and rapid manner with the help of GPS tracking with that of your family members and friends with the help of CocoSpy Cell Phone Tracker app. You can simply ask your known ones of their location details or create a group to make the best use of its features. This app can be well utilized in the Apple Watch app as well as iMessage extension.

Main Features:

  • No sign-up is required
  • Location sharing in a real-time basis
  • Multiple sharing option
  • Global usage
  • Locate friends in concert or any other gathering
  • Sharing route
  • Directing over emergencies
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