Top 5 Working torrent Websites in 2019


Torrent is perhaps the best go-to option for the masses in the contemporary world, owing to the unlimited amount of downloadable data available. Ranging over an array that goes as vast as a game, your favourite songs or movies, the book you wanted to read for so long, and almost everything you can ever find online, torrenting comes off as a real lifesaver.  

So, in case you are wondering what are the best torrent websites available, or on a lookout for the best torrent website to have your next download from, here is a list of the top 5 Torrent websites to choose from: 

Top 5 Torrent Websites 2020


One of the best Torrent websites available today, LimeTorrents is extremely popular when it comes to downloading media files, software, etc., as high-quality files. 

This Torrent website provides family safe content to its users and the data available here is well categorized according to their genres, making it easier to find what you have been looking for. 

Kickass Torrents

Also known by its users as KAT popularly, the website can be used to download music, movies, books, games, software, and almost anything you wish for, in high quality, and in as many as 40 different languages across the globe. 

The website has global traffic of millions every hour, thus proving itself to be a website worth user loyalty. 


1337x is one of the most popular Torrent websites around the world, third-best according to its millions of users. 1337x follows the BitTorrent protocol, hence providing its users with the peer to peer integration. 

This ensures the smooth download of all your favourite files I high quality and in lesser time. With a very simple user interface, this Torrent website is a must-go-to for all those who are new or relatively new to the world of torrenting. 

RARBG Torrents

With daily internet traffic of millions of users every single day, this is one the best Torrent websites available today. 

The website has a systematic and well-organized list of torrents you download your favourite media files, software, games, etc.  All the torrents available are accompanied by a short description of it, to make the choice of selection easier.

The major attraction of this popular Torrent website is its advanced search option that lets its users to easily search for the content they are looking for. Consequently, the site has a huge number of loyal users. 

The website enables its users to view over 100 Torrents together in a simple, neat and well-organized interface. This ensures the smooth and easy download and streaming of media files, software, etc. by the users. 

Wrap Up

As already said, Torrent comes in as a very handy tool for modern-day data downloading, pertaining to audio files, video files, games, software, and much more. 

And given a large number of torrent websites popping up every now and then, it becomes quite tricky and troublesome a lot of times, to find the best one of all the Torrent websites available to the common user. 

That is where this list of the top 5 Torrent websites, given above, comes to your rescue. I hope the above-given list of the top 5 Torrent websites makes your downloading experience easier. Happy torrenting!

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