Top 6 Apps For Boosting Productivity At Your Business


Business reliance on technology is only growing and growing these days. In the vast majority of cases, this is a very good thing since technological solutions are almost without fail the most efficient and clean solutions to any problems your company could possibly run into. In all corners of a company there is room for technology to come in and have a tangible impact on events. One area that companies are always trying to improve in is productivity, a general term for how much can be achieved in a certain amount of time by a certain group of people. As a metric for fluency of a company it is very effective. Productivity is a constant keyword in a business atmosphere and enhancing productivity is an unequivocally positive thing. Put the pieces together and you’ll see that where corners of industry need ‘enhancing’ is often where you run into technology fulfilling that desire. This is certainly the case in this instance, as we’ll see as we look at six top apps for boosting productivity.

#1 Dropbox

Dropbox is an essential piece of kit for all offices. “Cloud storage is so important for business, increasing speed and efficiency of resource placement and use, not to mention allowing for companies to accrue documents over years and years without having a warehouse full of filing cabinets”, says Joe Hampstead, content manager at BritStudent and WriteMyx. Having a company Dropbox allows people to send, receive, transfer and download files with far more clarity and speed, vital for productivity.

#2 Slack

One of the biggest names on this list, particularly when you look at the last couple of teams, Slack is an amazing solution for company organization. It allows for simple, fast communications between teams and team members and it encourages work on the go, something which is an increasingly important part of business. With text and voice chat, the ability to share documents, videos, audio memos, links and more it’s like a digital office moving at lightning speed.

#3 Hootsuite

“Social media marketing and presence take up a lot of the time and energy of company marketing teams. Hootsuite offers a way for you to manage everything centrally and passively as the application houses and distributes your content”, explains Carol Long, a tech writer at Australia2Write and NextCoursework. It will handle all of your social media postings for you, something which is amazing in a business world where your company can have six or so social media profiles at one time. The scheduling feature also offers a huge boost to productivity as well.

#4 RescueTime

RescueTime is an app that is a direct response to how productivity draining technology and the internet can be, if left unchecked. It’s a time monitor that analyzes all of the different ways in which employees are using their time online. It delivers neat, easily readable reports on a weekly basis, detailing where problems have occurred. A simple tool, but one which you don’t really realize you need until you have it.

#5 Trello

Trello is a digital office space that is specifically designed for clarity for whole teams, regardless of how widely spread they are across the earth. It’s a well-known name that is used for productivity purposes internationally. It has an intuitive, naturalistic visual interface that makes it perfectly suited for prolonged usage. It keeps teams on top of everything with ease.

#6 OneNote

OneNote is a complete and thorough note taking app from Windows. It offers a really simple but smart solution to compiling important but thinly linked information in one place. The layout is easy to navigate and helps promote note-taking, which is a good habit for productivity in a company. One of its best attributes is that it can be incorporated into the Microsoft Suite, and has wonderful compatibility with all of the software you will likely be using in the office.


Productivity levels connect directly to success, for almost all companies. The more complex businesses get, involving global teams and massive social media pushes, the more organization technology is coming in handy. Hopefully in amongst this list you will find something of use to you and your company.

Michael Dehoyos
Michael Dehoyos is an app developer and freelance tutor at PhdKingdom and Academic Brits. He assists people with their digital business projects as well as sharing his knowledge by contributing to numerous sites and publications, the academic service, OriginWritings, amongst them.

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