Top Five Esports Tournaments in the World Today

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Before the pandemic, the world was slowly crawling into normalcy, and many reputable event organizers decided to convey returned LAN activities. With eSports gaining significant recognition over recent years, eSports tournaments are also breaking data in phrases of viewership and different aspects.

The recognition of PC and Mobile eSports goes hand in hand, evident from the list compiled via a facts analytics website, Esports Charts. This has also turned over to the online casino world, with the best online casino sites offering something similar. Taking a seem to be back into this year, we have noted some of the most famous eSports events in 2021.

Free Fire World Series

The most popular eSports event in 2021 is FFWS Singapore. The ultimate stage of the tournament garnered a whopping 5.41 million height viewership. It was the first LAN event for mobile hostilities royale this year. However, countless groups have been unable to tour due to Covid-19 restrictions. Nevertheless, the $2,000,000 prize pool event received huge success and used to be gained through Phoenix Force.

League of Legends World Championship

In terms of esports, LoL Worlds is possibly the most-watched esports match and one of the biggest esports tournaments ever. 2018’s tournament had approximately one hundred million viewers, making it a massive export competition in viewership size.

Despite the reality that the reward for Worlds has never been too big, the 2018 prize pool of $6.7m was once a modest enlarge over the $4.5 million awarded in 2017. The purpose of Riot Games used to be to supply huge prize dollars because most companies in the competitive environment already have franchised golf equipment and profit-sharing partnerships.

However, thanks to a massive following, their “modest” reward amounts are among the biggest prize swimming pools in esports history.

PUBG Global Championship

This year’s first summit of the best possible businesses for gaming from throughout the globe in Krafton’s conflict royale had its roots in Club Open competitions before shifting into the paradigm of the important sport with the introduction of Pro Leagues.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship was once the fruit of this shift. Finals in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from twenty-first to twenty-sixth January 2021, saw 24 companies compete for a total reward of $2m and a time out to the finals.

As a result of fitness and safety concerns, the match had to be canceled. However, that didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits, in particular those on Nova Esports, a team with a storied history in cell esports that emerged successful with a take a look at for $700,000

M3 World Championship

The fourth most popular eSports tournament in 2021 is the M3 World Championship held for the equal game mentioned above. The event got here to give up just a few days in the past, and the prize pool used to be extended to $800,000. It used to be any other LAN match once received through Blacklist International. The top viewership went up to 3.19 million.

The M3 World Championship is one that makes it into the top list because of the different top players that enter the competition. We’ve seen some incredible actions over the years, and it has even gotten better with the bigger prize money. Therefore, the next M3 World Championship tournament is certainly going to be bigger.

Fortnite World Cup

This is one of the leading esports tournaments. Epic Games made a terrific splash for their first huge esports match for their flagship title. Two tournaments (solo and pair) with a whole prize pool of $30 million were held for 200 members at the Fortnite World Cup Finals.

Playing at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, New York, Fortnite named Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf its first international champion. The coronation came after Bugha defeated 99 other gamers while competing in the singles tournament. Bugha took home a prize of $3 million, making him one of the world’s wealthiest gamers overnight.

Duos winner David “aqua” Wang of the United States and Emil “nyhrox” Pederson of the European Union fought off 49 other pairs to take home $3,000,000

Final Thoughts

These are some of the largest esports tournaments in the world. Others include the Free Fire World Series, Evolution championship series, Intel Extreme Masters, incredible smash bros, etc. The most popular esports leagues listed above have created a world champion from simply video recreation tournaments and gaming. They can be hosted in any region, and some have occurred in North America.


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