Top Goals of a Facebook Ads Audit For Your Business

Facebook Lookalike Audience Benefit

Among all the social media platforms, Facebook hails as the top media having numerous active users. What does this fact mean to marketers and advertisers? Well, Facebook offers a big potential market for social media campaigns. It is a good platform for advertisements.

Tracking the number of likes and shares in your Facebook Ads campaigns is not enough to reach its maximum efficiency.

Through conducting a Facebook Ads Audit, you will see trends and patterns, helping you evaluate what works and what doesn’t. A wise audit helps analyze and discover probable troubles and improve campaign strategy.

Facebook Business Manager: What is it?

Using the Facebook Business Manager to organize all your assets ensures you are set for success. This tool allows you to oversee happenings, permissions, and roles throughout your business.

If you haven’t had your Business Manager account yet, setting up one is a piece of cake. Visit Facebook Business Suite and Business Manager Overview and log in to Facebook using the credentials that grant you access to your ad account and assets.

Follow all the prompts and required details, and add your business assets to the Business Manager for easier management.

Your Facebook campaigns, ad sets, and ads are visible in the overall setup of your Ads Manager. Having your Facebook ad account structure reviewed helps more easily manage your campaigns and decreases the potential setup errors.


Your Facebook campaigns should be clear based on your business objectives and goals – conversions for online selling and traffic for website visits. Separating campaigns of different targets permits you to manage budgets and assess results with ease.

Ad Sets

Ad sets are a subset of your campaign. Separating your ad sets based on target audiences is the best practice in evaluating performance. At the ad set level, you define your targeting and inclusions.


Every ad set should house no more than six ads. This inclusion gives the Facebook algorithm sufficient information in optimization while still permitting you to collect key insights into innovative performance and top-tier ad copies.

Top 5 Goals of a Facebook Ads Audit

It is the industry regulations and investors or other stakeholders that prompt you to conduct an audit. Audits are beneficial for they provide you the opportunities to improve your campaign strategies. Here are the five top goals in conducting an audit:

1. Business Improvements / System Improvements

A well-done audit carries an impartial overview of your organization’s internal systems and control, which depicts that auditing is an ideal opportunity for logistics and experts to reestablish strategies and suggest improvements. Thus, making it feasible to achieve your business goals.

Processes of improving internal controls and systems and accounting practices, efficiencies, and governance are all identified in doing the audit.

2. Detect and Prevent Fraud

Most online businesses are subject to fraud, error, and corruption. Fraud in the workplace, when not detected, can exist for years and would tend to an extent where businesses cannot recover financially or repair their reputations.

Auditing your assets is a great agent to identify fraud and tendencies to enact fraud. Experienced auditors are equipped with the knowledge of evaluating weaknesses in a system. They also suggest ways to strengthen policies and strategies to prevent fraud from occurring.

3. Credibility

Auditing can provide independent verification that all reports are true and actual representations of a business campaign’s current situation. This offers crucial credibility and confidence to your potential customers/clients, stakeholders, and even to your regular buyers. A thorough and transparent audit confirms that everything is in good hands.

4. Better Planning and Budgeting

An audit checks the performance of a campaign by analyzing its impressions if it is lenient to the business objectives and goals. It is a detailed process that can result in a more effective strategy or cause you more expenditures.

This critical examination, along with the social media ads expert’s knowledge, can then be utilized by business owners for better planning, budgeting, and decision-making for future references.

5. Compliance

Clearly, compliance is one of the primary goals why you need to conduct a Facebook Ads audit. Auditing is done to meet the requirements and regulations mandated in your business.  An audit offers complete peace of mind for eCommerce owners that their business is coherent with the goals and complies with its statutory obligations.

Not complying with the necessary audits can result in heavy fines, regular customer loss, and a stained reputation. However, all these negative results can be avoided when audits are done thoroughly.

How often do you suggest auditing your Facebook Ads?

Accordingly, the most popular option in conducting your audits is daily or weekly. Going through your Facebook Ads campaign day by day permits you to quickly grasp what works for your business and improve your strategies if necessary.

Nevertheless, daily monitoring is essential in the first stages of your campaigns. When the campaign strategy is established, a few times a week will suffice.

Your decision on the frequency of your audits varies directly with your campaign goals and your budget. Every campaign should possess a well-set goal that applies to your marketing objective.

Small businesses that aim to increase the number of subscribers have different types of budgets from those businesses promoting sales. Thus, the number of times on how often you monitor your campaigns may also vary.

Establish Your Strategy, Audit Your Campaign Today!

In everything that you do, you must have a specific goal so that your time and money spent will not go to waste. In conducting a Facebook Ads audit, you must also set a clear and tangible goal.

Having a wise objective helps you not to lose track as you go through your campaigns. Performing necessary assessments to determine the success of your business is a wise investment.

Also, it is recommended for eCommerce owners to hire a reputable digital marketing agency to conduct this vital role of auditing their assets. Through this, time consumption would be less and additional expenditures for troubleshooting can be avoided.

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