Top Grammar Checking Tools

Top Grammar Checking Tools

Whether you earn a living with your writing or not its accuracy lexicon, semantics, grammar and punctuation wise is one of the essential aspects that helps to create a positive impression of you as a well-educated intelligent person.

Some texts styles like academic writing demand thoroughly proofreading and subsequent revisions, which can be challenging for scholars after hours of tedious research work due to impaired concentration. For international students who write in the second language, it’s harder twice. Because even after years of practicing it can be difficult to memorize all the rules, their exceptions, and ignore the principles of the mother tongue.

Although any language is a partly structured open communication system, some software development companies succeeded in creating auxiliary applications to revise writings. They look for different kinds of mistakes and suggest or automatically employ corrections. Review our top of 3 grammar checking tools written in collaboration with and choose the most suitable editing tool for your needs.


At present it’s the most popular proofreading software. Established in 2008 it came through the long development process and multiple updates to provide users a quality digital assistant in written content creation.

Languages: English (US, UK, Canada, Australia)


Text scan. Reviewing writings by checking modifiers, vocabulary, spelling, syntax, numerals, etc.

Revision suggestions. Providing substitutions for incorrect text parts with explanations.

Document insights. Calculating the number of characters, words, sentences as well as reading and speaking time. PDF reports are available.

Article goals. Setting an appropriate intent, audience, style, emotion and domain that should be adhered to.

Vocabulary enhancement. Suggesting synonyms for each word.

Plagiarism detection. Checking the level of the authenticity of the written work.

Online storage. Auto-saving of imported texts.

Browser extension. Simplified version for checking input data during the Web surfing.


Straightforward. With Grammarly laconic interface a new user won’t need a lot of time to adjust.

Checkup variety. Available writing review aspects will help get your texts to the appropriate level.

Editing choice. Correct-keep decisions are on you. The software only advice and elucidate why.

Text repository. Come back anytime to revised texts without creating additional files.


Omissions. For the long texts, some corrections hints can be skipped.

No offline mode. The app requires a stable Internet connection for the proper operation.

Security gaps. In 2018 the security vulnerabilities of the browser version were found.

Subscription. Only the extension is free with Grammarly Discount. The desktop software demands a pre-paid account.

The functional and interface of this app allow employing it on different studying and professional levels by variously experienced PC users. It’s worth the paid subscription amount that can meet even the students’ budget. For long-term deals discounts are available.

Paper Rater

The online cloud-based writing checking instrument without a desktop version. It’s preferable for students since its functionality is mostly focused on paper redactions.

Languages: US and UK English


Error emphasis. Scanning the article and bolding mistakes.

Rework advice. Showing possible corrections, their reasons and ignoring options.

Feedback. Evaluating the level of readability by analyzing the presence of stop-phrases, a variety grade of words and sentences, their formation.

Authenticity control. Checking the uniqueness percentage of the content.

Scoring. Auto-grading of emended essays and other paper writings.

Dictionary. Providing words with definitions and usage examples.


User-friendly. Open to suggestions service with detailed instructions.

Free plan. Limited but yet appropriate subscription for students.

Evaluation. Define your paper grade expectations with this app.

Online service. No specific requirements, you need just a favorite browser.


Inaccuracy. Misleading tips can occur during proofreading.

Web dependency. No network – no examinations.

Old-design interface. It can be unappealing for new generations.

Premium options. Some features like file uploads and enhanced plagiarism check are available only for paid subscribers.

All these software functions make it one of the best affordable and student-oriented online writing editing services.

Online Correction

The simple Word alike online correction tool for unimportant texts proving only. Just input your writing and edit marked areas.

Languages. US, UK, AU, NZ, RSA English. Branch websites for German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian and Italian.


Basic checkup. Looking for fundamental grammar and style mistakes.

Editing variants. Showing multiple options in twofold situations.

Autocorrect. Applying all corrections simultaneously.


No extras. Conventional article checking without any excessive functions.

Revisions list. See what autocorrect has changed on the result page.

Multi-language. Proofread writings in other popular languages.


Logic lack. Some reworking suggestions can be irrelevant since there are no built-in language principles.

Too simple. For the most tasks, this tool has too limited functional that can be provided by the majority of text editors.

Site only. No offline or desktop versions.

This well-suited for newbies app implements old-school correction methods.

Responsibility remains with you

Grammar checkers are indispensable instruments for writers, bloggers, journalists and, of course, students who struggle with essay writing. Mentioned software and websites have different levels of proofreading and approachability that allow using them for diverse professional and routine purposes and on different capacity devices.

Notwithstanding some of them are highly-rated and even award-winning tools languages complexity doesn’t permit developing the perfect writing editing software. That’s why always review offered possible corrections and make a decision by yourself applying your grammar and other linguistics knowledge, as well as other people’s experiences that you can always find on the Internet.

Consider that by adding your texts to any online writing verification system you voluntarily share your intellectual property. Any service security failures can lead to exposures. To avoid unpleasing consequences browse Privacy Policy before the use.

Grammar checkers utility

Though primarily these tools can appear as a permanent crutch for weak students and international writers the practice shows that some native speakers can benefit from them as well. Even if users apply them regularly, they don’t become dependent on checking software. In opposite, it helps them to improve their writing skills and extend their vocabulary due to various applications features and visual memory.

Choose your grammar checker today to become more proficient writer tomorrow!

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