Top proven ways of getting more Retweets on Twitter


Twitter is attractive to millions of people around the world for various reasons. For a start, it’s simple to use. Secondly, it’s available in desktop and mobile versions. Other than that, you are likelier to find your friends here or meet new ones. Celebrities too love it while its mainstream acceptance is worth beholding. That said, do you know how to get or attract more retweets on Twitter? This article examines the top proven ways of getting all those retweets that you want.

Pinning Your Tweets

First, you should strive to pin all your tweets, especially the ones that prove popular. This way, you wouldn’t have to do much to make your most popular tweets easily visible. By pinning your tweets, you ensure that as new people visit your profile, they see your most interesting tweets. A single tweet that you pin is capable of attracting as many as thousands of retweets. Remember, pinned tweets work because visitors are flocking to your profile. Are you ready to start? You can read more about it on

Consistent Tweeting

No matter how slow the process seems, you shouldn’t stop tweeting. If anything, you should continue tweeting even when you don’t see any results. Eventually, your efforts will be rewarded. The more consistently you tweet, the higher your chances of earning the much-desired retweets grow. Because of this, you should never stop tweeting. Start by tweeting at least 15 times each day!

Embrace Twitter Ads

Twitter ads are equally powerful tools for attracting more retweets. Twitter ads are all about strategic advertisements. This process appears to be a shorter path to the desired levels of success but its effects are outstanding. Furthermore, Twitter ads are an excellent way for boosting engagement with your prospective followers too. In this regard, you have three options; namely:

  1. Promoted ads
  2. Promoted accounts
  3. Creating promoted trends

Using Images and Videos

You have probably heard the old adage that a photo speaks a thousand words. In the world of Twitter, that saying is as true as it is elsewhere. For this reason, start using images and videos with your tweets. As you do this, your followers will keep retweeting until you can no longer count the number of retweets. However, this strategy will only work with images and videos full of interesting, entertaining, useful, and relevant content. Choose the most colorful images!

Be Hilarious

Your followers don’t need much encouragement to retweet your most hilarious tweets! Therefore, do not hold back on humor. Well-packaged humor will always have the desired effect. In this regard, you ought to strive to make your audience laugh. If they find what you posted funny, they will take the initiative and retweet. While at it, be as witty as you possibly can without offending anyone, though!

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