Top Tips to Design A Youtube Channel

Top Tips to Design A Youtube Channel

It is proven that the design of a channel on YouTube is very important for the success of a channel. So how to design a YouTube channel including video cover, logo and watermark? Here are some basic design principles for YouTube designing.

  1. YouTube channel logo
  2. Water mark
  3. Channel limit
  4. Video cover
  5. Video completion frame

Choosing a channel logo on YouTube

The channel logo is similar to an avatar on social media and is displayed on both YouTube and Google . The channel logo is very important because it appears in many places on YouTube than any other design element and that is why it is our first tip on how to design YouTube channels.

Where the logo is displayed:

  • YouTube search results;
  • Channel page;
  • Comments on behalf of the channel;
  • List of user signatures;
  • List of recommended channels;
  • List of linked channels;
  • Community guide.

The logo will be the first contact with your channel for many users, so you need to pay close attention to it. What to choose for a YouTube channel logo / avatar:

  • Faces or characters

If this is a person’s author channel, you can use a personal photo. In this way, you can gain confidence and good feelings from your audience.

  • Company logo

The logo as a channel icon is used by many companies to develop their brand. It’s easier for the user to go to your company’s channel if they’re looking for it. He tends to remember the logo if he watches the video often. The channel icon below the video and comments is very small, so if the entire logo doesn’t fit in the avatar’s circle, select a recognizable part of it.

  • Related image

Some channels don’t have a logo, so they use a third-party image around the theme. In this case, the image must reflect the theme of the videos, attract people’s attention and be different from the competition. For example, you can use bright colors or a lamp as a logo.

  • Channel avatar size

The channel icon should be 800 x 800 pixels with the edges cut into a circle, so choose an image that looks good in a circle and a 98 x 98 pixel thumbnail as a comment icon.

Adding a watermark

The brand logo is often used as the channel icon, so if you choose the same for the watermark (that image that appears in the bottom right corner of the video), the user will remember it better. On the other hand, many users will not understand that it is possible to hover over this icon to open a small window with the “Subscribe” button.

Brian Dean shared his experience: at first, he used the channel’s avatar as a watermark, but when he switched to the “Subscribe” button, the conversion to subscribers increased by 70%.

How to see how to insert a watermark:

  • Directly through YouTube
  1. Log in to your YouTube;
    2. In the left menu, select “Settings”;
    3. Select “Channel and Branding”;
    4. Select “Choose image”;
    5. Select the watermark display time;
    6. Save your changes.
  • Add a watermark with an online tool

A free, easy-to-use online tool is best for customizing the watermark. No skill and download required, FlexClip can be a good choice.

  1. Go toFlexClip ;
  2. Click on “create a video” and “start from scratch”;
  3. Add a local video;
  4. Select the setting to customize the watermark with text or image;
  5. Configure the color, size, position and opacity;
  6. Expert video.
  • Don’t put important things in this corner

The watermark is placed in the lower right corner of the entire video, so make sure that no important text appears in this place.

  • Tracking statistics

You can track how much a watermark is converting users who watch videos into channel subscribers. Usually, a small percentage of viewers subscribe to this; for example, 5% is not considered a bad result.

How to style a YouTube channel header

The channel cover is a large banner at the top of the channel’s home screen, the first thing users see when they access a channel. It is usually used to visually convey the theme, the nature of the brand and notifications about new products.

Let’s see what we can put on the YouTube cover:

  • Author

Photo of the author of the videos, usually with a signed name. This option is suitable for channels that join a person or team that appears in videos and are memorable for viewers.

  • Thematic image

If there is no recognizable character, use a thematic image that conveys the mood of the channel and the theme of the videos.

  • Company logo

Sometimes companies include a big logo on the cover. So, designing and making an awesome YouTube logo to boost your channel can be a good choice.

  • Event announcements

The cover can become a poster for concerts and other events. It cannot be clicked and it is small for details, but there is enough space for the date and the city, and this will allow registrants to be aware of the events.

  • Slogan or explanations

There may be no text on the cover, but if you decide to add it, it’s best to use the company’s slogan or explain the channel’s focus.

  • Video publishing schedule

If you have a regular schedule for launching new videos, you can indicate it on the cover to let users know when to expect new videos. But if you write a schedule, you need to stick to it; otherwise, subscribers will forget about your channel.

  • Subscription buttons

You can place registration buttons on the website, email and social networks. We recommend adding these buttons because the user will somehow notice the cover;

How to design a YouTube video cover

This tip is one of the most effective if you are looking to have a successful YouTube channel . That’s why it’s part of our list of tips on how to design YouTube channels. The video cover is what will attract the user’s attention to click on the video.

A video cover or thumbnail is a thumbnail image of a YouTube video and is considered to be one of the main factors that determine clickthrough and view rates.

According to YouTube, 90% of popular videos use uploaded thumbnails instead of a random freeze-frame (frozen image – translated by Proddigital Idiomas ).

Video views are important because the image is larger than the text and immediately draws the attention of users who choose the video to be played. From the visualization, they can understand what it will be. Your video competes with thousands of others, so choosing an attractive cover is very important.

  • General layout style

The channel is more beautiful when the videos are made in the same style. It is not necessary to make covers from a single layout, but it is better that the videos have a general idea. Videos of the same type appear in the playlist as a collection, rather than a list of random videos.

  • graphics

You can use attractive graphic effects, as long as they do not violate YouTube’s policies. For example, many people use the Before / After technique, enlarge part of an image, highlight something with lines or put emotional characters on the cover.

  • Text

The accompanying text will add context to the cover so that it is clear what the video is about, without reading the title. Use large text with a clear font, which will be a thumbnail video on the desktop and on the phone. Formulate the shortest text to capture it with your eyes.

  • Soon

If the company has a recognizable logo, it can be added to the video to get attention. But the logo should not take up much space for the user to see the rest of the image.

How to end a video

Our last tip on how to design YouTube channels is to stylize and structure the final part of the video to attract the viewer to do what you want from that moment.

YouTube allows you to add four elements to your final video. It is best to use two or three clickable elements on the screen. If you offer too many options, people are unlikely to choose any. Here are some good options for what you can insert at the end of the video:

  • Subscribe to the channel button

The button is not editable and appears as a standard: a logo that turns into a button when hovering. But you can add “Subscribe” to the image, next to this button, to remind users of that. It’s great tips on how to add a subscribe button to your videos.

  • Another video or playlist on your channel

Find the videos that convert the most, as they are worth promoting whenever possible. From them, select the most relevant and related ones to insert at the end of the video as the user is more likely to watch a subject similar to the current video.

  • Link to another YouTube channel

You can attach a link to another channel, for example, an affiliate or another project.

  • Link to an external website

If you post a link to the site, it is better to direct users not to the main page, but to the page of a specific offer related to the subject of the video. YouTube Analytics has statistics to track the performance of the final video screen. This information will help you edit and improve for high conversions.

Final considerations

These tips should help you to style your channel and video covers so that your audience understands what it is all about, click on these videos and join or stay on the channel.

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