TutuApp Android Download Tutorial 2020 – Official Version


TutuApp is the number one unofficial app store in the world, offering a whole host of modified apps and games. Although it was first released for iOS devices, the developers have now given it support for Android devices, and there is no need to root your device to use it. With thousands of apps, movie streaming apps and game emulators for free, millions of people the world over use TutuApp as their main app store.

How to Download TutuApp APK

This is easy to do; just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go into Security in your Settings app and enable Unknown Sources
  2. Download the TutuApp APK onto your device from the official download page – if you see a Security warning, ignore it and tap OK
  3. Find the file in your Downloads folder and tap on it
  4. Let it install to your device and, when the icon is on your home screen, the app is yours to use

How to Use TutuApp:

Once you have successfully installed TutuApp on your Android device, here’s how to use it:

  1. Tap the icon on your home screen to open TutuApp
  2. Look through the apps and games or find something specific using the search bar
  3. Tap the result to download the app or game to your device
  4. When the app icon is on your home screen, it’s ready for you to use

TutuApp Android Features:

TutuApp offers Android users plenty of cool features:

  • Completely free
  • User-friendly app
  • Fast downloads
  • Thousands of apps and games
  • Updated with new content regularly
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to delete if you no longer want it

TutuApp Errors and Solutions

TutuApp is pretty stable on most Android devices, but there are some common errors being reported – they are all very simple to fix though:

  • TutuApp Stopped Working

This could happen for a number of reasons, and there are several solutions. Not all of these will work for everyone, so start at method one and keep going until one of the works for you – the solution will depend entirely on why the error happened:

Method 1: Reset App Preferences

This works for most people:

  1. Launch your Settings app and go into Apps (it may be App Manager on your Android version)
  2. Tap on All Apps
  3. Tap on Reset App Preferences
  4. Tap on Reset Now and try TutuApp – you should find it works

If it doesn’t, move on to Method 2:

Method 2: Clear Package Installer Cache and Data

  1. Launch Settings and tap on Apps or App Manager
  2. Tap on System Apps
  3. Tap Package Installer
  4. Tap on Clear Cache and then Clear Data*
  5. Try TutuApp again, and it should work

* Android Marshmallow 6.0 users should look in Storage for these two options

Method 3: Enable Unknown Sources

This must be enabled for unofficial content to work:

  1. Open Settings and tap on Security
  2. Ensure that Unknown Sources is enabled
  3. Close Settings and try TutuApp again

If you still can’t get TutuApp to work, delete it and reinstall it, making sure you keep the Unknown Sources option enabled

TutuApp Not Installed

Another common issue, there are four possible solutions:

Method 1: Clear Package Installer Data and Cache

  1. Launch your Settings App and tap on Apps(or App Manager)
  2. Tap System Apps>Package Installer
  3. Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data*

* Android Marshmallow users will find these in Storage Settings

Method 2: Enable Unknown Sources

  1. Launch Settings
  2. Go into Security and enable Unknown Sources
  3. If TutuApp still isn’t working, remove it and install it again, but make sure that option remains enabled.

Method 3: Rooted Devices Only

If your device is rooted and none of the above solutions has worked, try this:

  1. Open your browser and find a root explorer app – download it
  2. Open the file and copy the APK
  3. Launch Systems and go to Apps
  4. Make sure it has app permissions enabled, and close Settings – TutuApp should be working now

Method 4: Clear Space and Set the Path

Lack of space is a common reason for apps not installed, so do a bit of housekeeping. Delete unused apps, delete files and folders you don’t need, and save all your media and important files to an external storage device or cloud storage. Try not to install the app to an SD card as the package installer can’t always read the APK files properly – if you do need to do this, make sure the SD card is mounted correctly.

TutuApp is a cool app installer, and it offers so much for all Android users. Not only is there a free version, but you also have the option of paying for a VIP version and getting more features and much more content. Try TutuApp today and enjoy what this alternative Android app store offers you.

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