Two Things You Should Consider When Starting an Instagram Video Contest

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There are some ways to learn how to get instant Instagram followers, and one interesting idea is to start an Instagram video contest. You can always create a stir by starting an Instagram contest, but you need to ensure that you everything in a professional manner. Here are the two most important things to consider when starting your contest:

Choose Your Prizes And Giveaways Wisely

So, here you are, hosting your Instagram competition – but – why should people participate in it? What’s in it for them? That’s a very important point to consider, and the best solution is to keep a prize – which is attractive and solves the purpose for both you and the participants. For example, money is a good option. But, then money once spent will be gone forever. If you give something that can stay with the winner for some time, it will be beneficial for you too. A memento for that matter, or some gift vouchers, will work great here.

A luring prize will attract more users. The more prizes there are, the higher chances of you seeing motivated users participating in the contest. However, you should be careful when determining exactly what your prize should be. Check how it is going to help your audience remember you in the long run.

Ideally, your prize should be related to your brand. Some contests capture the interest of customers by giving grand prizes like a paid vacation to some exotic place. But, does that always solve your purpose? In the long-run – no. If your business is related to travel, then it sure makes sense but otherwise, think – will this prize help you build long-term customers? Will those who are interested in your business participate? Will my sales increase over time if I give this item as a prize? Let me clear this with an example – let’s assume, you are in the education business and want to promote some new products or books that have come in the market. A handbook or a demo version of those products/tools or gift vouchers to purchase the books can be given as a prize.

Different Types Of InstagramCompetitions

Internet and social media platforms have become great places to make easy money and earn more recognition in less time. Instagram – as you already guessed – is no exception. Here is a list of Instagram competitions and the rules that govern each of them:

  • Enter An Instagram Competition By Commenting – This is the easiest and most common method of entering a contest. The participant will need to comment on the competition post to enter the contest. The comment could be the answer to a question asked in the post, or an opinion, or information. If you are a participant, you can also tag a few friends and increase the reach of the competition.
  • Enter Instagram Competition Through Re-Posting – This is also a very common competition. As the name goes, the user needs to re-post the competition post in their circle of followers, who would re-do this to their followers and so on. This will help you promote you your brand along with the contest. But, this method is somewhat intrusive as the user needs to share your post.
  • Photo Competition:Instagram, as we know, is all about photos. Therefore, this is a great contest to host. You can get your participants to share a selfie or a photo on their feed with some relevant hashtags. The hashtag should be related to the contest. If it’s a catchy one, as more people start participating in your contest, the hashtag will start trending more and more. Choose your favorite photos and give prizes to the winner once the contest is over.
  • Hashtag Contest (Instagram Sweepstakes) – This could be a costly option, and you may have to spend more time and effort, but this could be your sure-shot way to turn your participants into potential customers. You will be hosting your contest on a different landing page which will collect the email and other required information about the partaker. This way, you can have their email id and can communicate more details with them.

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