Types of slot machines online, do you know the differences?


We all know the slot machines you find in bars or casinos are all quite similar among them as the only thing that usually changes is the theme or if they have a common jackpot (this last one only applies in casinos). However, in the online slot machine world, there is more variety and kinds of games: Three Reel Classic Slots, Multi Payline Slots, Progressive Slots and Video Slots, all that without taking into account the large variety of themes they have and might go from videogames to famous characters. One of the first company to have created and implemented these kinds of slot machines online in the Casino industry is Caesars Games. With over 150 games, the company was the first developer to introduce free-to-play casino-style games to social networks. Its offer includes a rich selection of slot machines that we have selected for you.

Three Reel Slots

Three-reel slots or classic slots was the first type of machine that was introduced around the world. They were so important to the industry of the game that they were the reason why Las Vegas is today what it is.  One of the firsts to have introduced and implemented this kind of slot machines is Caesars Games. This kind of slot is a very fast game that is really fun to play with loads of exclusive offers and benefits. However, you may consider that having only 3 reels in the game drastically lower the possible amount of combinations. Let’s suppose you have 3 reels with 10 symbols each, that leaves us only with 1000 possible combinations, that make it impossible to have a jackpot in the machine, since the most difficult case scenario will happen at least 1 every 1000 spins. That’s the reason why it was necessary to add more lines of payment, besides horizontal and central, so that way the 3-reel slot machines generally offer several lines of payment (between 1 and 9).

Multi Payline Slots

Early classic slot machines contained just one payline, simply meaning that if three identical symbols land on the one line, it’s a win. These days however, it is a common scenario to have a five reel slots game with multiple paylines. In multi-line games you can wager on one line or anywhere up to 20 multiple lines. When you wager on one line, it’s usually the middle line. When more lines are involved you can make a winning pattern using two or three symbols from several lines. In a 20-line slots game, for example, your chances of winning something are much higher because you are covering a lot of ground, although it will likely cost you more too. Sometimes you can improve your odds even further by increasing the number of credits wagered per line. It’s true that the busy visuals and complex patterns of multi payline slots can be somewhat overwhelming, however the extra focus and patience usually pay off!

Progressive Slots

Shortly after the invention of video slots, progressive slots were introduced. In a progressive slot machine, the jackpot grows as more people play until someone hits the jackpot. At first this took the form of a cumulative jackpot in one machine, but soon it became apparent that many machines could be linked together to produce much larger jackpots. All the slot machines in one casino could be pooled together. Machines could even be linked across various locations, on a national scale. As you can imagine, with online casino game sites, the sky is the limit as thousands of computers across the globe can be linked to one progressive jackpot.

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