UI UX Design Trends in 2021


Users visit several websites daily, and businesses have to compete to attract new visitors and hold their attention to make them their customers.

Experience and user interface designers come to play a crucially important role here. Entrepreneurs are now focusing on making their websites and apps visually appealing, clutter-free, and easy to navigate.

Read on to know the latest UI/UX design trends businesses are implementing to promote brand awareness. Planning a career in UX? Enroll in a UX design course to hone your skills.

  1. Minimalism

Minimalism is one of the most preferred and latest design approaches. Like its name, minimalist designs believe in cutting out the visual clutter and not overwhelm the viewer with lots of information jammed into a small space. From discount ads to constant notifications, users are already overwhelmed.

With the minimalist approach, designers limit the number of colours, trying different gradients and proportions to make graphics simpler. It highlights the best features of a product/service to invoke an action or the right emotions. There is nothing that is used merely for decorative purposes.

  1. Simplified interface

Businesses not only want new visitors, but they also want them to spend the maximum amount of time on their page. And simplified user interface helps visitors to navigate easily through the website. Registrations and log-ins have become easier now. Users only need phone numbers to log in and not remember another password. Designers are now eliminating the number of steps and fields that customers were forced to fill in to navigate.

  1. Blurred colourful backdrops

The use of colours was popular in the past, but the style has tweaked to suit today’s preferences. While designers linearly used 3-4 colours, today they are using as much as 8. Overlays are used to evoke a need for action for visitors.

  1. Pastels

Since minimalism and simpler web designing are trending, designers are using pastels. They are appreciated for their unobtrusive and light effect as they go very well with minimal designs. Pastel colours can also fit into very different contexts and industries.

  1. Mobile-friendly designs

Most searches today are done from mobile devices, and app designing is a major UX trend. From booking a holiday to looking up a diner, finding the nearest theatre—everything is searched on the web. For that, designs need to be mobile-friendly or else they would be truncated and perform well when seen on the desktop, and brands can’t afford that mistake.

  1. Icons

Icons are visual tools of communication between a brand and its customers. Simple and minimalist icons are trendy and popular in UX designing as they communicate the needful using less space. Icons need to be of equal dimensions and size to bring forth elegance.

In short, 2021 UI/UX designs are a medley of minimalism, pastels, simple UX and sometimes 3D immersive visuals.

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